diversionary attack

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an attack calculated to draw enemy defense away from the point of the principal attack

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The Allies went to great lengths to make the Germans believe the D-Day invasion was only a diversionary attack and that the main invasion would come where Hitler and his generals most expected it, in the Par de Calais area of France.
One detachment of Marines made a diversionary attack on another part of the city, while the main force landed at the hospital and began searching for Lynch.
Cadwalader would take one division, about 2,000 strong, to engage in a diversionary attack against the Hessians quartered south of Trenton at Mount Holly.
No diversionary attack on trial lawyers could quell the call for holding this industry accountable for its misdeeds.
John Hay was twice mentioned in despatches for his role in the battle after leading "a gallant diversionary attack on the fortress".
A fundamental error that has been fudged by the Government's highly successful diversionary attack on the BBC.
Three obsolete cruisers, weighed down with concrete, would be sunk in the entrance to Zeebrugge after a diversionary attack on the mole (a protective crescent of concrete) by the 5,600-ton HMS Vindictive and two Tyne-built ferries, Iris and Daffodil.
Weaken "While the south coast of England was the likeliest target for the main invasion, there was believed to be a high risk of diversionary attacks elsewhere to pin down reserves or to weaken Britain's naval strength by an attack on fleet bases.
We are watching closely the meaning of diversionary attacks by the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu so that we can locate him," said Tan.
The unit will support special forces operations worldwide, for example by launching diversionary attacks or providing fire support.
Also, use intruder detection software to maintain overall awareness of possible threats to systems--for example, surreptitious large-scale incursions during diversionary attacks.
Protests spread to Iraqi immigrant communities in Europe where hundreds rallied in Austria, Denmark and Bulgaria, calling President Bill Clinton a liar bent on averting impeachment over a sex affair by staging diversionary attacks on Iraq.
The disaster happened when soldiers from D and G Squadron were being moved by helicopter as they prepared for the diversionary attacks they would launch to conceal the Falklands invasion.
Merely fomenting enough diversionary attacks along the border with India to tie up some British divisions.