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This section upgraded to double track in August 2014 is the only diversionary rail route between South Wales and London.
In other news, the October half term Diversionary Activities were a success, working in partnership with Stockton's Youth Direction, Cleveland Police and Stockton's ASB team, we took a group of young people to the Warehouse Project, a facility in Eaglescliffe fully kitted out with games and activities, to YAZ on Ice at Billingham Forum, and we had outreach teams and youth work sessions highlighting the dangers and consequences of mistreating fireworks and antisocial behaviour.
The restorative projects include TRIAGE in Cardiff, which offers a programme of diversionary activities across the city with the focus on restorative justice at the time of first arrest for a minor offence, and The Bureau, which provides young people across South Wales with an opportunity to learn from their offending behaviour without receiving a criminal record.
On diversionary feeding, Mr Harper said: "We are aware of a small number of gamekeepers that have used this technique with great success and had the eggs hatched at the English nest, the local gamekeeper and landowner had agree to trial the technique.
About Diversionary Therapy Technologies Diversionary Therapy Technologies is a global company headquartered in Australia that developed the ditto (TM) portable device.
These are all diversionary tactics and if one is preoccupied all the time handling these diversionary tactics, naturally this affects the capacity and ability of the government to attend to its tasks of governance," he added.
We already knew that the constitutional status is a distraction and is a diversionary tactic.
Forget the straight banana diversionary politics of the anti-European lobby.
The visits will continue until the end of term and a host of diversionary activities will be taking place during the school holidays.
In this book, there's not much Whittington, though plenty of diversionary tales about naughty Londoners.
Another approach is to establish diversionary perimeters.
You can't kid a kid so if the "flying stage" and flashy pyrotechnics had been mere diversionary tactics to disguise sub-standard songs, McFly would have been sussed out after two numbers.
THE Elite Racing Club, which has 22 horses in training this year, enjoyed a lucrative diversionary activity at the weekend, when it netted pounds 94,853 by winning the Tote Scoop6, writes Rodney Masters.
It's opening night for The Daddy Machine (no, not that kind of daddy), a family-friendly play at San Diego's Diversionary Theatre, which produces LGBT fare exclusively.
ARCHBISHOP Sean Brady and Archbishop Robin Eames may believe in slightly different versions of the same God but both are victims of exactly the same diversionary tactic.