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Synonyms for divers

consisting of a number more than two or three but less than many

Synonyms for divers

many and different


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Diving enthusiasts may be attracted to visit Davao to use the HCS since it is a medical equipment sought after by scuba divers as a safety requirement.
Competitive divers on average train 40 hours per week.
Although commercial fishers operate in both deep and shallow water, the recreational divers can only catch lobsters in areas shallow enough for free-diving.
At around 3pm the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) in Larnaca received a report about a diver who had gone missing in the Larnaca bay area.
Billingham divers made some new friends last weekend, although one seemed to find something flippin' tasty davy divers 107
Carrying trash bags, the divers who were mostly members of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (Padi) plunged into the waters off Camayan Beach at 9 a.
Holyhead Coastguard had received an urgent call from a local diving club reporting that a member was struggling with fatigue near the south side entrance to Porthdafarch on Saturday and was accompanied by a second diver whose condition was unknown.
These days where tourism is booming and economy is thriving in Jeju Island, many women in the island's coastal areas opt to work in various industries instead of being divers.
The divers were on board two rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) which broke down off the Farne Islands yesterday morning.
Lifeboat crews help divers whose boats broke down offthe Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland
Divers play a crucial role in marine environmental conservation as they're present in these vulnerable ecosystems may harm coral and fish communities [3, 4].
The Egyptian diver Ahmed Gabr officially breaks the world record for the deepest scuba dive, reaching a depth of 332.
Divers spend 8 to 10 hours per day harvesting the ponds and may need multiple days to finish a job.
Government and civilian divers were mobilized after the ferry sank on April 16, leaving more than 300 people dead or missing, AP reported.