divergent thinking

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thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which sometimes lead to novel ideas and solutions

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Results showed that left-handed men performed better on these measures of divergent thinking than right-handed men - although there was no such difference for women.
Assessing creativity via divergent thinking in residential camp settings.
2--How much is seven grade natural sciences school book is adapted to levels of mental functions (cognitive memory, convergent thinking, divergent thinking and evaluator thought).
It will be an open platform - local partnerships of key stakeholders of the country which allows the sharing of creative and divergent thinking, attitudinal changes and networking, leading to a change of environment and implementation of specific social innovations that have an impact on the labor market, allowing generation of rural business and employment solutions.
You'd want tests that reflect fluid intelligence and divergent thinking.
Creativity requires divergent thinking and exploring many different possibilities and answers.
The second section presents detailed analyses of the specific cognitive functions that underlie development, discussing the general progression from specific inferential processes to a more reflective metacognitive form of reasoning that considers truth as an explicit construct; how people have an intuitive form of logic detection; how reasoning can be seen as motivated by the coordination of divergent thinking across multiple levels of abstraction; and the development of counterfactual reasoning.
Divergent thinking is creative in nature, while convergent thinking seeks the "right answer.
MICAT is designed to assess analytical ability, divergent thinking, written communication skills and general awareness about the communications industry.
classic logic puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, insight questions, tests of divergent thinking, etc.
While typically organisations work to focus on efficiency and execution, entrepreneurial organisations also have a degree of rebelliousness and divergent thinking.
In this study the authors review the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship, and study the effectiveness of including divergent thinking exercises in the entrepreneurship classroom.
A variety of psychological research explores differences between convergent and divergent thinking, and, relatedly, between problem-finding and problem-solving creativity.