divergent thinking

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thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which sometimes lead to novel ideas and solutions

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While divergent thinking involves producing multiple answers from available information, according to the authors, convergent thinking emphasizes on accuracy and logic.
The process of moving from prescriptive pedagogy to one which embraces divergent thinking, can be just as challenging for students as for teachers.
But more recent studies have found that divergent thinking is not the only, or even primary, measure of creativity.
Entrepreneur, teacher, and artist, Meg is constantly on a mission to share her love for art education and divergent thinking.
For example, a study examining the relationship between handedness and divergent thinking found a significant relation between divergent thinking and handedness in males (left-handed males had higher divergent scores), but not in in females [30].
Guildford defined divergent production, now called divergent thinking, as a flexible, original and flowing process, contrasting it with convergent thinking, which is more logical, rigid, and less diverse.
Coren conducted several experiments that suggest left-handedness is associated with superior divergent thinking, at least in men.
The text discusses personality types, skill sets, divergent thinking, and more.
While each iteration introduced different names and stages to the process, the foundation of CPS has remained the dynamic balance of convergent and divergent thinking, which is present throughout every stage of the process, coupled with guidelines that support each type of thinking.
In the realm of cognitive psychology, both what is posited in pure theory and findings in empirical research lend support to the notion that divergent thinking is very closely related to creative thinking (Cheung, Lau, Chan, & Wu, 2004; Runco, Dow, & Smith, 2006).
These tools ranged from the ACA's Youth Outcomes Battery to the Camp Program Quality Assessment tool to individual tools that measure a number of outcomes such as appreciation, resilience, quality of life, and divergent thinking, among others.
I think one of the features of most educational institutions is to reduce divergent thinking and creativity".
They delineate a process that stresses the ways in which convergent and divergent thinking are used in creative problem solving.
It promotes open-mindedness, self motivation and a willingness to take risks and also encourages divergent thinking and originality.