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Linguistic divergences may seem odd to speakers of modern English, who are accustomed to hearing an increasingly standardized version of their language come into common use worldwide.
Monsanto and Divergence entered into a collaborative relationship in 2004 to discover novel approaches for controlling SCN, and extended the relationship in 2007.
Divergence has received milestone payments under the collaboration based on research and development successes and will receive royalties once applicable products reach the marketplace.
Shapiro, said the analysis of genetic divergences ``cast doubt on the prevailing notion'' that all the major animal groups, or phyla, ``diverged explosively during the Cambrian or late Vendian, and instead suggest that there was an extended period of divergence,'' beginning about a billion years ago.
This scenario has now materialized, with additional confirmation on a break above falling trend line resistance established from the highs in March as well as positive divergence on the RSI oscillator.
Divergence will also receive milestone payments based on research and development success, and royalties once products reach the marketplace.
Even the winning equity performances mask a growing divergence among fund returns, differences that, if they continue to grow, could mean an increasingly rough ride for investors.
However, if biological divergence mirrors linguistic branchings, then researchers can look for evidence of ancient migrations in the genetic patterns of modern populations (SN: 6/9/90, p.
Wong brings more than 25 years of experience in agricultural biotechnology and seeds to Divergence, having led numerous companies in the sector including Agracetus and Agrigenetics.
Divergence with daily momentum studies warn of reversals in the EURAUD and EURNZD.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and Divergence, Inc.
The mediator is going to have a terribly difficult job because of the divergence of opinions on what the airport should be," said Carl Raggio, a Glendale airport commissioner who serves as president of the Airport Authority.
But making the piece available to the public--visitors were free to touch, to open the doors and trunk, even to sit in the seats--constituted a divergence from the usual relation between the work of art and the spectator; it was more like a vehicle in a salesroom.
A study led by Cess in 1989 indicated that clouds deserve most of the blame for the divergence among forecasts (SN: 8/12/89, p.