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Synonyms for diverge





Synonyms for diverge

to separate into branches or branchlike parts

to be unlike or dissimilar

to turn away from a prescribed course of action or conduct

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

Synonyms for diverge

move or draw apart

have no limits as a mathematical series

extend in a different direction

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be at variance with

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The DIVERGE trial and the AXXESS(TM) System are important because of the frequent presentation of bifurcation lesions in our daily clinical practice," said Stefan Verheye, M.
I'd certainly have written "differs from", for I happen to see "to differ from" in the same light as "to diverge from", not as "to contrast to".
However, as the number of cartridges per tape drive ratio increases, as is the case with an automated library, the cost per megabyte of tape storage diverges quickly from disk and can be as little as 1/20th the cost per megabyte of disk.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Diverge Communications, http://divergedigital.
Bartolini's characteristic delicacy applies not only to the physical character of the material, but also to the suppleness of the action, deliberately nonideological and nonpolitical yet always tending to diverge from its own norm or violate its internal logic.
All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties, as a result of which actual events may diverge numerically from expectations.
The ways in which they diverge from replicating Goya, if not the point of the work, is certainly of interest.
Whether or not they diverge, planning commissioners have high visibility which helps them when it comes time to run for office, Parks said.
The researchers' analysis of bat DNA suggests that the subspecies are beginning to diverge.
announced today the initiation of the DIVERGE clinical study for the company's AXXESS(TM) Biolimus A9(TM) Eluting Bifurcation Stent System.