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a bombing run in which the bomber releases the bomb while flying straight toward the target

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Petrified postmen are refusing to deliver letters to a seaside cul-de-sac after coming under attack from dive-bombing gulls.
They have been dive-bombing congregations during funeral services and the dead bugs litter the chapel floor and pews.
The plane had crashed there more than sixty years earlier after stopping a damaged German fighter from dive-bombing Buckingham Palace during the Battle of Britain.
This competitive singing settles many challenges without birds' resorting to pecking and dive-bombing each other.
A buzzard which attacked more than 20 cyclists on a country road has died after dive-bombing a van.
Unable to execute a true dive-bombing attack with his Vindicator, Fleming began a glide bombing run out of the sun from an altitude of 4,000 feet, setting his sights on Mikuma.
The battery-powered bird is so lifelike, council officials in Fraserburgh hope it will get rid of aggressive gulls which are dive-bombing passers-by.
The first kamikaze dive-bombing unit was established in October 1944 and was created to attack an Allied fleet east of the Philippines, and later against U.
In fact, Navy jets were poised to start dive-bombing the Santa Lucia Mountains with dummy bombs -- for six hours a day -- until the plan came to the attention of the 30 Benedictine monks at the New Camaldoli Hermitage.
Sure enough, I heard the other day that screeching, dive-bombing magpies are attacking Olympic cyclists practicing on the mountain biking course, which is in an expanse of bushland.
Night after night, Serb TV showed documentaries of Hitler's invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941, complete with screaming Stukas dive-bombing the capital.
But beware of the bugs when you're abroad - and try to make sure that you're NOT the target of a dive-bombing mosquito
As if I were a somber figure in a religious painting, tonsured and robed, laboring in an allegorical garden, a simple man who had never seen a cough drop or a golf club or the spectacle of bees in cartoons dive-bombing some hopeless dog gardening below, aviator's caps snug on their heads, their little faces fired with resentment.
Varied mission types: Ground attack, ground support, escort defense, patrol, torpedo and dive-bombing.
The owls are not tame Harry Potter-style messengers but malevolent dive-bombing fiends.