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bomb from a diving airplane

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We were full of our ourselves," he reflected, "so we thought we were superior to our buddies who flew dive-bombers like the SBD Dauntless and the SB2C Helldiver.
The attacks on May 8, 1942, by Japanese B5Ns and D3A dive-bombers doomed "Lady Lex.
In combination with the destruction of Akagi and Kaga by the dive-bombers of TF 16, the IJN lost three of its four carriers (and the battle of Midway) in scarcely more than five minutes of action.
HMS Airedale, adopted by Spenborough, was wrecked in the Mediterranean in September 1942 by German land-based dive-bombers and 44 men were killed.
The convoys suffered some of the heaviest losses in the war as Nazi U-boats and enemy dive-bombers attacked.
Two years later she was sunk by German dive-bombers off Crete.
Hans Rudel, the famous German Stuka pilot, said this was the only time in the war when his dive-bombers had to jettison bombs due to fighter attack.
My father found himself on a tanker loaded with high octane fuel anchored off shore at Normandy on D-Day waiting for 10 days to be unloaded not knowing their fate, with burning ships all around them and dive-bombers overhead.
When their car is destroyed by enemy dive-bombers, the family is led into the woods by a strapping, self-confident young man, 17-year-old Yvan (Gaspard Ulliel).
And don't think the dive-bombers of 2001 managed to destroy our closets.
Japanese dive-bombers swooped down over the air bases, where U.
While the Stuka dive-bombers filled the skies, Panzer tank units approached Dunkirk from the south.