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bomb from a diving airplane

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In combination with the destruction of Akagi and Kaga by the dive-bombers of TF 16, the IJN lost three of its four carriers (and the battle of Midway) in scarcely more than five minutes of action.
A fine, aggressive aviator, Swede saw action in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942, using his tough little dive-bomber as a fighter against a swarm of seven Zeros, shooting down three of the dangerous fighters just before noon on 8 May.
Along the Gulf's miles of shell-strewn sand, mangroves and offshore islands, brown pelicans perched sleepily on wooden pilings before plummeting like kamikaze dive-bombers in pursuit of shoals of fish.
Two years later she was sunk by German dive-bombers off Crete.
Major General Brims said: "The men had been under attack all the previous day, hit by the lightning advance of the German army and continuous air raids from the Stuka dive-bombers.
Devastation: The aftermath of a V2 attack on London in 1944; The mean machine: Spitfire fighters were transformed into dive-bombers to halt the V2; Survivor: Raymond Baxter; Fearless: OMad MaxO Sutherland
Hans Rudel, the famous German Stuka pilot, said this was the only time in the war when his dive-bombers had to jettison bombs due to fighter attack.
My father found himself on a tanker loaded with high octane fuel anchored off shore at Normandy on D-Day waiting for 10 days to be unloaded not knowing their fate, with burning ships all around them and dive-bombers overhead.
When their car is destroyed by enemy dive-bombers, the family is led into the woods by a strapping, self-confident young man, 17-year-old Yvan (Gaspard Ulliel).
And don't think the dive-bombers of 2001 managed to destroy our closets.
Japanese dive-bombers swooped down over the air bases, where U.
While the Stuka dive-bombers filled the skies, Panzer tank units approached Dunkirk from the south.