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Owing to combat experience of Coral Sea battle and the efficient launch of torpedo planes, fighters, and dive-bombers of Yorktown's air group, Fletcher's team was the only force to arrive over its target almost exactly according to navigational calculation to deliver a timely and coordinated attack.
For years before his death in April 2016 at age 100, he worked with historian Timothy Orr and museum education director Laura Orr on Never Call Me a Hero: A Legendary American Dive-Bomber Pilot Remembers the Battle of Midway, published in May 2017 and excerpted here.
We climbed and climbed, flying on instruments, and at 12,000 feet I broke out of the fog, wing-and-wing with a Val dive-bomber.
Other German aircraft, such as the Stuka dive-bomber, were easy targets for RAF fighters.
The author also includes detailed information about different dive-bomber prototypes, the Stuka's operational history from the invasion of Poland, the Battle of Britain, and the war in North Africa and the Mediterranean.
Dive-bomber training was conducted from June 1943 until January 1945, when training in Vought F4U Corsair fighter-bombers began.
After a mediocre performance as a dive-bomber, the Ju87 enjoyed a high reputation as a "tank-buster" on the Russian front.
Changing from one type of aircraft to another seemed not to require any transition at all--pilots moved from dive-bomber to fighter merely by sitting in the cockpit for a spell and then taking off to learn by doing.
We were supposed to fly a Vultee Vengeance Dive-bomber, an American dive-bomber prototype, but we never did," said Mr Poyner.
To the dive-bomber pilots, a warship was a very narrow, or thin, target and they didn't have a lot of leeway as to when and how you drop their bomb.
As a result, given the frenetic nature of Japanese CAP operations after about 0800 (particularly aboard Akagi and Kaga), it is unlikely that many of these second-wave aircraft were ever spotted on the flight decks before the fatal American dive-bomber attack commenced at 1020.
Though 14 Japanese dive-bomber pilots attacked the carrier, only one 550-pound bomb hit her, piercing her flight deck and exploding 50 feet below, just above the fourth deck.
The story of the development of the A6M Zero and its partners in carrier aviation-the Aichi D3A dive-bomber (Val) and the Nakajima B5N torpedo bomber (Kate)-is placed in the context of Japan's military operations and of other countries' related aircraft, such as Germany's Ju.
The film's focus is on the stories of 15 men missing in action from three lost planes: an Avenger dive-bomber with three on board, a Corsair single-seat fighter, and a B-24 Liberator bomber with 11 on board.
The dive-bomber is probably most noted for its work in the Pacific, especially during the Battle of Midway where its type sank three major Japanese aircraft carriers and damaged a fourth.