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bomb from a diving airplane

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The new giant gulls don't harass or dive-bomb people even if they have chicks or nests nearby, and eat the eggs of the smaller birds that do.
Dogfight, dive-bomb and torpedo the Japanese forces in 10 missions - all drawn from the Pacific campaign battles of World War II, including Guadalcanal, The Battle of Midway, and Okinawa.
Along the beach, between Point Mugu and the Port Hueneme fishing pier, the terns dive-bomb intruders to protect their young.
In the Top Bombing advert, two divers show off their skills from the high board then Kay does a flying dive-bomb which soaks the judges but wins top marks.
The colony rises as one to dive-bomb the intruder until it goes.
Next day at the pool, the tourists echoed Beck's sentiments, making me pine for a drunk Asbo-dad in an England shirt to dive-bomb them.
American, the world's busiest airline, was feeling the pinch of the looming US recession even before the terrorist dive-bomb attacks on the US.
TWO seabirds tuck into a tasty fish supper - as they dive-bomb a massive shoal of sardines.
albopictus, however, picks its target and blatantly dive-bombs for the blood, Moore says, explaining why he suspects more people will complain about this insect.