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a bomber that releases its bombs during a steep dive toward the target

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The book draws on Spanish and German archives to describe technical specifications and the role of these German dive bombers in the Spanish Civil War.
Getting back to the cat playhouses though, they came in three versions - a fire engine, a tank and a WWII Stuka dive bomber.
Last fall, the unit identified a body found in the Cascades Mountains in Washington as that of a pilot whose P-38 fighter plane disappeared in 1942 and recovered the remains of two Navy aviators who had been buried in 1945 near the remote crash site of their Dauntless dive bomber.
Commenting, for example, on a painting of the Annunciation, Wills writes, "The dove of the Holy Spirit plunges like a dive bomber, trailing a squadron of fighter angels.
In the air, they were being operated by a pilot in a larger plane, either a dive bomber or torpedo bomber.
Nine of the dead were shot down in a Mitsubishi G4M ''Betty'' bomber flown by Air Petty Officer 1st Class Kiyoshi Akamatsu and a crew of eight, another eight were killed in a Mitsubishi Ki21 Type 97 ''Sally'' bomber and two airmen died in an Aichi D3A2 Type 99 ''Val'' dive bomber.
As co-founder of Doctor Feelgood, one of the back to your roots, pub-rock bands who emerged on the coat-tails of punk, Wilko was a charismatic guitarist with his characteristic dive bomber technique.
A replica of a World War II Japanese dive bomber crashed at Pearl Harbor on Monday morning during filming of a movie depicting the historic 1941 attack, according to media reports in Honolulu.
The films included are Adventures of Don Juan, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Dawn Patrol, Dive Bomber and Gentleman Jim.
Gallaher organized the three dive bomber squadrons--Scouting Six, Bombing Six, and Bombing Three--into appropriate groups.
Although the seaplane tender was heavily armed and opened fire, she was no match to the skilled dive bomber crews.
Harking back to Midway again, three dive bomber squadrons set three Japanese fleet carriers on fire in a ten-minute period, and all three carriers were lost along with their air groups.
In 1945, 724 people were killed when a Japanese dive bomber attacked the carrier USS Franklin off Japan; the ship, however, was saved.
The story is an action/adventure yarn set in the early days of aviation when Lucky Martin, a daredevil test pilot, finds himself struggling to build a new and improved dive bomber plane.
He considers a variety of themes and selected movies, such as medicine in horror films, travelers and doctors in strange lands, films about war, and those with hospital settings, with discussion of Crisis, The Last King of Scotland, Dive Bomber, MASH, Dirty Pretty Things, Le Corbeau, Wild Strawberries, and others, as well as films based on real lives, such as Kinsey.