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having a valence of two or having two valences

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In addition to the common inhibitors for oxidase, such as ascorbic acid, sodium sulfite, citric acid, and cysteine, EDTA and DETC--a divalent cation and specific copper chelator, respectively--may inhibit A.
Treatment with Cd and divalent metals manganese (Mn), magnesium (Mg), zinc (Zn), and nickel (Ni).
Moreover, phytate is an anti-nutritive agent that forms insoluble complexes with divalent metal ions such as [Fe.
Therefore, our hypothesis was only partially confirmed because WEOC sorption was not correlated with concentrations of exchangeable divalent cations.
Electrolytes, divalent cations, and blood gases (magnesium).
But divalent salts -- those with magnesium or calcium, which readily give up two electrons when they become charged in solutions -- wreaked havoc, causing the peptides to clump into visible globs.
3] represents a monovalent hydrocarbon-based group chosen from linear or branched alkyls having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms; A represents hydrogen or a monovalent hydrocarbon-based group chosen from alkyls, which are linear or branched, cycloalkyls or aryls, having from 1 to 18 carbon atoms; and Z represents a divalent bonding group comprising from 1 to 18 carbon atoms.
Prior to bioconcentration and biomagnification in higher trophic levels, atmospherically deposited inorganic divalent mercury (HgII) must be transformed, via anaerobically mediated microbial processes, to (C[H.
An integrative sampler for divalent metals is developed, employing a controlled constant-release chelator.
1) is a metalloenzyme in which four histidine residues coordinate two divalent cations.
As for wood, evidence was found for adsorption of copper by cation exchange, which can be a means of preserving it (Cooper 1991), and ion exchange characteristics of wood have been associated with divalent cation (e.
To the Editor: Because of the significant interaction between quinolone antimicrobial agents and several divalent or trivalent cations, (1-4) we recently changed our computer-generated nurses' medication administration report (MAR) to schedule quinolones automatically 2 hours before products with these cations.
The 2004 study determined that "the mechanism of olfactory loss is thought to be the direct action of the divalent zinc ion on the olfactory receptor cell.
Gaseous elemental mercury makes up over half of the emitted mercury, while divalent mercury and particulate mercury make up the rest.