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Synonyms for divagate

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

Synonyms for divagate

lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking

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Finally, it is interesting and significant, I believe, that DuBellay applies the verb "errer" (meaning to wander, to divagate, or to stray from the path) to the tenuous, shaky survival of this "idole"--this phantasmic twilight existence of antique grandeur in the world.
Bicycling is another domain where American names pop up on newspaper sport pages, and one need not divagate here on that great France-emulator and slayer, the courageous cyclist and multiple Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.
Similarly, the "drawing" itself is anything but regular, clean-cut, geometric; instead it more or less continuously divagates as it goes, so that the viewer is invited, almost compelled, to pay those divagations just as much attention (even closer attention) as he or she does the overall configuration made by the "drawing" or, for that matter, the piece as a whole.
Lowin's discussion often opens with notable uses of the root in the Hebrew Bible, whereupon it divagates, but with clear purpose, into occurrences in rabbinic literature, including the two Talmuds, and thence onward into proverbial expressions, occasionally compounded with Aramaic usages, and piquant expressions common in Israeli speech.
261) To this fatalism and amorous context, Villagra juxtaposes a parallel scene in which, while Gicombo divagates on love, the "caballeros de Christo valerosos" [valiant cavaliers of Christ] listen to Mass and receive the blessings of the commissar Fray Alonso (262).