diurnal variation

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fluctuations that occur during each day

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The sinusoidal curve is considered to be the most adequate for expressing diurnal variations.
This might have occurred because gymnasts performed their usual training in the evening, and this habit may have influenced their temperature diurnal variation.
In a study that was performed by us successfully primary coronary bare metal stenting was performed in 1960 patients admitted with the diagnosis of ST- elevation Ml were retrospectively evaluated for diurnal variation of early ST (48).
Unlike the ruminal free AA, when soluble protein was supplemented diurnal variation in omasal free AA concentration was the highest at 2 h after feeding, declined till 4 h and then remained relatively constant throughout the remainder of the feeding cycle.
The presence of diurnal variations in marker levels was investigated by applying the nonparametric Friedman test to the marker concentrations that were measured in the morning and the early and late afternoon of the same day, followed by a Bonferroni post hoc test.
Therefore, the aim of the present study was to compare the diurnal variation ammonia emissions in the first part (11-22 weeks) and last part (22-26 weeks) of the fattening period.
The aim of our study is to assess and categorize ischemic stroke according to anatomical distribution, seasonal and diurnal variation.
1) The typical diurnal variation of cortisol secretion has been well established.
3-fold) in a trend contrasting with 2003, the diurnal variation was not statistically different (P = ~0.
Diurnal variation (the variation in the CD4+ T cell counts in the sample collected at different time points during 24 h period in the same individual) adds to this variation by as much as 20 per cent.
Diurnal variation in the feeding intensity and catchability of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis).
Diurnal variation in size of the foraging flock was also described.
All exposures occurred at the same time each day to account for normal diurnal variation in the animals' stress hormone and activity levels.
Patients with delirium can present with agitation, sleep-wake cycle disturbances, including diurnal variation and lability of mood (1).
The addition of a diurnal variation in ambient conditions sets the stage for determining the factors which influence the driver sizing decisions.