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increased secretion of urine

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Diuresis with ESWL and MET procedure was applied on 60 patients, who had more than 2 to 20 mm diameter of renal stone during pre-, per-, post-period of ESWL session.
Conversely, hyperglycemia and osmotic diuresis may lead to increased urinary magnesium excretion and hypomagnesemia in diabetics.
In addition to the routine monitoring of non-invasive blood pressure, electrocardiogram and pulse oximetry, which is essential, BIS was also monitored, which is routinely used in neurosurgical procedures, invasive blood pressure and hourly diuresis.
The diuresis was accompanied by a change in free water clearance, and the results showed a lower solute and osmolarity in the urine after IR.
As an example, my partner Giulio D'lnca and I recently launched our Diuresis Indicator for diapers in Beta testing, and we are going to launch it commercially as soon as it gains approval as a medical device class 1 in Europe.
This is followed by the recovery phase, marked by reabsorption of extravasated fluid over the course of 48-72 hours, increased diuresis, and stabilization of hemodynamic status.
Bee pollen is used orally as well as topically to promote diuresis, stimulate appetite, improve stamina and athletic performance, and aid in weight loss and the control of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), diarrhea, and constipation.
5-1 mL/kg/h, monitorizando la respuesta midiendo sodio en sangre, FENa, osmolalidad urinaria y diuresis.
Since being treated with furosemide diuresis decreased to 400 mL/day it was decided to perform hemodialysis in intensive care monitoring service.
Genital mycotic infections, urinary tract infections, and those related to osmotic diuresis were among the adverse events associated with canagliflozin, which was generally well tolerated, he said.
We suggest that a useful and repeatable model for CD can be developed by focusing on the ability of stress to increase diuresis and wet litter conditions, and undermine intestinal and cutaneous bacterial resistance in fast-growing male turkeys.
Another factor contributing to U-Cd variations is the residual influence of diuresis that persists after correction for urinary creatinine (U-Creat) or for specific gravity (Chaumont et al.
Forced alkaline diuresis (FAD) was started with 5 cycles on the first day in order to prevent further renal damage.
A later study described a specific "hypo-osmolality syndrome" in beer drinkers, and the authors attributed the hyponatremia to the consumption of beer, which is low in sodium, and poor intake of ordinary food, which led to reduced excretion of urinary solutes and inhibition of water diuresis with the development of hyponatremia (6).