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increased secretion of urine

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These results confirm that we can achieve "IV-like" diuresis with subcutaneous administration of the novel furosemide formulation," said Pieter Muntendam, MD, President and CEO of scPharmaceuticals.
Respecto a las diferencias iniciales entre los grupos, eran esperables ya que son los valores en los cuales se ha basado la prescripcion del dia de descanso como es el caso de la diuresis, creatinina y el filtrado glomerular, o como resultado de la misma prescripcion: Kt/V y aclaramientos.
Medical treatment of large cardiac shunt lesions should be aimed at lung diuresis, nutritional support and infection prevention.
2,3) Theoretical advantages of mannitol include osmotic diuresis, free radical scavenging and stimulating the release of vasodilatory prostaglandins, enhancing glomerular filtration.
NE infusion in denervated animals produced a significantly lower denervation-induced diuresis and natriuresis (P<0.
A rehydration strategy was instituted with lactated ringers solution and a mannitol infusion was commenced to maintain diuresis.
In the context of PAH related to congestive heart failure, one should first look to maximize medical management for the primary condition with consideration being given to diuresis, nitrates, and/or other systemic vasodilators, i.
Las diuresis osmoticas se deben a la presencia de una concentracion tubular de solutos tan alta que supera la capacidad de resorcion tubular e impide la reabsorcion del agua (a pesar de la presencia de ADH) (13, 26).
He advised to abstain from drinking coffee, tea or soft drinks in the morning before fasting as they can cause diuresis (increased urine production).
Recovery from acute renal failure, postobstructive diuresis, and osmotic diuresis can all lead to renal potassium loss.
We discuss the properties that make lithium susceptible to normal saline diuresis and explore alternative options for treatment of lithium toxicity.
I did a Bachelor of Education in 1996, and undertook courses in continence management and the management of enuresis diuresis and bowel dysfunction.
The symptoms of caffeinism can include feelings of anxiety and nervousness, sleep disruption (especially difficult getting off to sleep), restlessness, irritability, diuresis (passing lots of water/urine), stomach complaints, tremulousness, palpitations and arrythmias (changed heart rate, especially faster beating).