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a short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung)

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The Ditty Bops has intriguing instrumentation, thoughtful lyrics and the ability to seep into your consciousness over time.
I feel like cheese is at the white Zinfandel stage," Ditty says.
When the Scottish parliament was opened three years ago they avoided both the pub song and the musical hall ditty in favour of the evocative A Man's A Man from Robert Burns.
Copyright-protected DNA "music" would allow biotech companies to sell revealed gene sequences to other companies in the form of digital MP3-like files, along with a program that would translate the ditty back into DNA coding.
NEW YORK-Judith Leiber, well known in society circles for her small ornamental handbags, has moved to decorate the table with a new silver collection called Objets Ditty Peto.
The ditty traced the scrambling of a fictitious rabbit and was a kind of parable my dad learned to help him remember how to tie the mysterious knot.
The lengthy exhibition title quotes a ditty by George and Ira Gershwin in which love-song cliches make end rhymes (hair/care, eyes/skies, moon/croon, above/love) preceded by "blab, blah, blah.
Tombstones flicker on the wall behind, while Norman Rutherford's score of hip-hop, television ditty, opera and country western samples bounces off the walls.
She merrily sings a Simpsons ditty about our most ineffective Presidents, rattles off the polysyllabic names of the body's most obscure muscles, knows most of Poe's "The Raven" by heart, and creates drawings so lifelike they resemble photographs.
For now, though, one thing is certain: The old playground ditty is true.
Inside the Hartmann bag, recipients will be treated to wonderful items such as Fendi sunglasses, Stitch's jeans, MAC cosmetics, Dell DJ Ditty, a year's subscription to Napster (gift certificates), Woodhouse Chocolate, handmade in the Napa Valley, a gift certificate for a stay at the newly opened, The Lodge at Tiburon in Tiburon, California and many other wonderful items.
A VETERAN lady reader from Dalton remembers the start of this alliterative ditty during the First World War years, when she was a child.
Like Ditty, my protagonist, I too loved ballet as a girl, and like her, I was brought up in an orthodox Jewish home, where a strict observance of the Sabbath meant that ballet lessons on Saturdays were out of the question.
The only condition is that he must learn and sing a new ditty composed each day by his wealthy benefactor, Mr Samantha (Vincent Curatola).
Frequently, Sarah will interrupt the proceedings, as sloppily plotted as they are, to sing a chirpy little ditty about poking out people's eyes, or a seemingly earnest ballad about saving the world.