ditto mark

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a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated


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And some drug stores have been fined for such minor mistakes as misrecording a zip code or the insertion of a ditto mark.
The decisions were made despite the challenges to the registrar's certification process, illegible signatures, use of ditto marks, printed signatures, use of nicknames, questionable addresses and residency of registered voters, and that they thought the reasons for the recall election were untrue statements.
Ditto marks or words such as "SAME" on the Proposal Form are NOT considered writing
According to Town Clerk Barbara Bartlett, both Jean Syria and Susan Smiley had several objections, including the fact that approximately 100 of the signatures are illegible, that some of the signatures were printed, that ditto marks were used for addresses and that some addresses were illegible.
Your supervisor asks you what's taking so long, so you take shortcuts and omit addresses or put ditto marks for a name,'' the officer said.