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a short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung)

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But most ditties and songs lose such poetic qualities as alliteration and euphony.
Listeners will find themselves playing this CD again and again, and merrily singing along with the ditties.
Though the quotation may come to us in a post-medieval version, we can still hear the street voices of "our" children in such ditties as "Henry Hotspur hath a halt/ And he is failing lame/ Francis Physician for that fault/ Swears he was not to blame" (p.
In each case, we were regularly interrupted by mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations by "suits" determined to impress us with their capacity for memorization of ditties by Drucker.
Joyce says it wasn't the propriety of ditties like "Song of the Big Hole" that rubbed him the wrong way.
The demonstrators drew chalk circles around the piles, sang anti-doggie ditties, and repelled dog owners by offering them chocolate versions of what their pets had planned to leave.
OBT resident choreographer Trey McIntyre closed both programs with Like a Samba, which blandly interpreted a series of ditties by Astrud Gilberto.
The final nicety before battle commences is lots of erect men humming the Star Spangled Banner, God Save The Queen (right) and whatever little-known ditties get the natives going in Madrid, Stockholm and Dublin.
And the music player must be able to be connected to their iPod or at the very least be MP3 compatible so they can listen to their favourite driving ditties on demand.
Through stories from his life experience as an oil rig worker in rural Oklahoma in the mid-1980s, Keith weaves grounded, hyperliteralist tales of disenfranchisement ("Get Drunk And Be Somebody"), finding bits of joy after the daily grind ("Can't Buy You Money") and the working-class struggle with everyday moral dilemmas ("Ain't No Right Way") with standard I-lost-my-house-car-wife ditties ("I Ain't Already There").
Anyone can write about young love; composing mesmerizing ditties inspired by elves and fairies--without sounding like Tori Amos--is much tougher.
The score contains cracked waltzes, ballads, snippets of folk ditties, and anything and everything else Waits tosses into the stew.
The cheeky "shlebrity shtalker" has been sneaking into Virgin Megastores and HMV to place his single Proper Crimbo on the shelves over Pop Idol rivals, The Darkness and Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne's festive ditties.
While most of the set is still stripped to the bone, cuts like Junkie Song add subtle electric guitar and cornet to the otherwise acoustic mix, and the girls revisit old chestnuts House Of The Rising Sun and In My Time Of Dying to complement their own delightful ditties.
Maybe he'd been smoking the same stuff as the chaps who still practice Mazdaznan, an obscure Eastern faith that requires its followers to shake their hands and heads about and wave their arms in the air while singing ditties like Have In Your Heart Sunshine and ditties with catchy lines like "keep your nostrils wide and clear.