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a short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung)

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com)-- New Basics Brass Band has just completed their fourth studio recording, Ditties For Kiddies.
MARTIN BROWN'S POEMS I LIKE to read the poems of Martin Brown, Most recently The Pilgrams from a Very Distant Town, The message was appropriate and rhyming was also, The holes referred to seem worse the further one does go, There are not many who can match the skills of this fine writer, His poems always make the day seem much brighter, I hope to read in future more of his funny ditties and wonder if such bards reside in other cities.
Little Ditties for Itty Bitties: Songs for Infants and Toddlers is a music CD by Grammy-nominated performer Michele Valeri, featuring fifteen original songs perfect for sharing with the littlest of music lovers during play and learning.
But Johnny notices the lyrics are linked to local murders and concludes the ditties are coded instructions from the mysterious Mr Samantha to his gang, who are all under federal surveillance.
They have evolved to clever parodies based on music from the Beatles to country-western songs, Irish ditties to operettas.
But there is a diminishing supply of singers who can interpret these ditties in ways that make them still sound fresh and vital.
Through stories from his life experience as an oil rig worker in rural Oklahoma in the mid-1980s, Keith weaves grounded, hyperliteralist tales of disenfranchisement ("Get Drunk And Be Somebody"), finding bits of joy after the daily grind ("Can't Buy You Money") and the working-class struggle with everyday moral dilemmas ("Ain't No Right Way") with standard I-lost-my-house-car-wife ditties ("I Ain't Already There").
Other standout ditties to dine on include "Drumskin", "Face Seventeen", and "You Die Tonight Chisao".
Natalia Pervukhina writes that "Segeev's memory seems to collect mere trifles: children's ditties, counting rhymes, old slogans, newspaper clippings, snatches of conversation, official documents, urban folklore and much else.
Listeners will find themselves playing this CD again and again, and merrily singing along with the ditties.
While most of the set is still stripped to the bone, cuts like Junkie Song add subtle electric guitar and cornet to the otherwise acoustic mix, and the girls revisit old chestnuts House Of The Rising Sun and In My Time Of Dying to complement their own delightful ditties.
FOR the privilege of writing ditties for the nation, poet Andrew Motion is rewarded with an annual income of pounds 5,000 and a butt of sack, the archaic term for 150 bottles of sherry.
BEFORE we canonise Prince William for having spent a few weeks in Chile sleeping rough, eating out of billy cans and singing a few ditties to disadvantaged children, let's not forget that while he may have slept under the stars for 10 weeks he's got another 70 years of sleeping in palaces with dozens of flunkies attending to his every need.
Joyce says it wasn't the propriety of ditties like "Song of the Big Hole" that rubbed him the wrong way.
The demonstrators drew chalk circles around the piles, sang anti-doggie ditties, and repelled dog owners by offering them chocolate versions of what their pets had planned to leave.