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a wildly enthusiastic speech or piece of writing

(ancient Greece) a passionate hymn (usually in honor of Dionysus)

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Both the name of Dionysus and his associated song type, the dithyramb, begin with the syllable "di," meaning two, which may refer to Dionysus' paternity (dios, "of god," "of Zeus"), as well as his double birth.
Tomasek, however, in his Eclogues, Rhapsodies and Dithyrambs is one of the most important, stimulating and also straightforward of the inspirers of Romantic piano poetry.
The novel's structure has a chaotic effect: an arbitrarily arranged series of arabesques, monologues, prologues, epilogues, dithyrambs, letters, puppet plays, and fragments is loosely bound only through the sixteen night watches.
Were men stisfied to be Atheists, the melodius dithyrambs of Mr.
The book opens with a story that does not turn out to be a story, but rather a series of speeches, epigrams, dithyrambs, proverbs, and parodies that deliver the revelations of the poet-philosopher.
A]nd so every good fable must perturb and agitate the spirit in two ways: through fear and pity, like the epic and tragedy; through mirth and laughter, like the comedies and the dithyrambs.
Like many guerrillophiles, he penned dithyrambs to the new, more genuine kind of democracy being forged in the crucible of slaughter, but he also knew that the FLN was almost as concerned to eliminate its internal rivals (whom it could definitively defeat) as drive out the French (whom it couldn't).
2) Geography and Plays contains such dithyrambs to domestic bliss as "Ada" "Sacred Emily" and "Pink Melon Joy" (the last unaccountably not here); these texts have become for Stein cultists cryptograms encoding carnal raptures.