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For example, its founders expect it to have a rocky Acropolis (836) and a festival closely resembling the Panathenaea (827); it has Chios as an ally (879); its laws are inscribed on kurbeis (1354); and it holds tribal competitions for dithyrambic choruses (1405-7)'.
This dithyrambic style was maintained in later sermons pronounced by Rabbi Sinzheim on occasions such as Napoleon's birthday, the birth of his son, etc.
The French press was dithyrambic, praising the work's imagination, humor, and sophistication.
Plain language, the absence of posturing, sense of proportion, humour, abandonment of the dithyrambic ideal"--that was one of Larkin's rapid sketches of the ideal he ostensibly set for himself and others.
Baudelaire's dithyrambic comments on Delacroix's two works inhabiting Saint-Sulpice are well known.
The dappled does not work for Swinburne, either as triumphalist Christian oxymoron or as dithyrambic pagan paradox.
Moreover, the adult reader of Blainey can devour the same text with an adult's appreciation of Blainey's technical skill, of the poetical sense with which Blainey can endow skyscrapers and shipbuilding as much as more obviously dithyrambic themes like forests and flowers.
Son, despite my sagging ass, the dithyrambic moaning of my spine, and my tongue's tantric rites, I've always wanted you to think me a Great Man.
In the version in the Brussels Musee des Beaux Arts, Silenus is one slide of fluster and ivresse, with a glowing spill of flesh, a drench of toppled wine and a slope of silver hair, caught up in a dithyrambic whirl accentuated by a maenad's tambourine; thronged around by Bacchants who struggle to support his bulk, their double chins slipping agog into their obesity as the maenad dodges a faun's smacking kiss.
His dithyrambic preface to Jerusalem of Lithuania, written in Yiddish, typifies his manner of creating a Jewish synthesis of ancient and new.