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the process of representing intermediate colors by patterns of tiny colored dots that simulate the desired color

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The proposed combination of both correction methods was already analysed in our previous publication (Kamensky & Kovac, 2009) for dithering noise with Gaussian distribution.
Plaid is dithering and using its smoke and mirrors tactics again.
Tory/Lib Dem dithering has meant that the business case for the Metro extension from Snow Hill to Five Ways, Edgbaston has not yet been submitted to the Government.
And the impact of his dithering has been to heighten the public upset over this whole episode.
DITHERING Alistair Darling - the patently unmissing ingredient in both the Mersey tramand Northern Rock fiascos -may regret whingeing about city firms dishing out unjustified big bonuses.
Barrie Williams, chairman of West Midlands Business Council, said: "The dithering and delay has to stop - New Street Station must be re-developed.
Why such dithering from the ``Walk the Line'' star in front of 650 mainly female guests at a power breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday?
So if Ford are still dithering about whether we should have a right-hooker here in the UK, I say dither no more.
But it can, however, be accused of dithering over the euro as the Conservatives also dithered over European matters in general.
They finally decided it was just right--but they want him to pay the fines accrued while they were dithering.
The NCP1230 and NCP1231 families are a series of current mode controllers offering cycle skipping at light loads, internal ramp compensation, and frequency dithering for improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance.
GORDON Brown yesterday swept aside charges of dithering and said he was getting on with his job after Peter Hain's resignation.
Sir - i am not surprised Plaid accuses us Welsh Lib-Dems of dithering when we follow due process; due process is not in Plaid's terms of reference, it seems.
His dithering mom (Julie Hagerty) sweetly tells him: ``Be yourself, be yourself.
They are dithering, and not surprisingly one of the bidders has pulled out.