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evergreen tree of eastern Asia and Philippines having large leathery leaves and small green-white flowers in compact cymes

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com) is a consultancy specializing in helping content teams design and deploy DITA to meet their current delivery needs and to future-enable their content.
The DITA CMS was designed for large-scale installations, such the one we are currently deploying at SAP, and so we are very excited about this opportunity to fully leverage all the robust functionalities of the system with an organization that is a true leader in its field, said Eric Bergeron, CEO of IXIASOFT.
However, in her first lesson on seduction Dita discloses that " men fall for women who are not so easy to get and aren't needy.
Explaining the inspiration for the range, Dita Von Teese noted, "There are so many vintage lingerie pieces I love that I haven't been able to find in all my years of collecting.
Dita is survived by her devoted children, Maureen F.
With her captivating curves and raunchy dances, Dita has carved out a reputation as a woman who is not shy of flaunting what she's got.
Albert misses his wife, who has died of cancer; partly because of his strained and complicated relationship with his mother, Rico goes off to Tibet, leaving his girlfriend Dita behind and instead finding an aging prostitute, Maria.
She plays Holly wood director Dita Tommey, who's shooting a film starring lovely Athena Aquitane (Daryl Hannah).
Localization Leader to 'Dish Out' DITA Strategies at San Diego Conference
SEXY Dita Von Teese was stunned when Scarlett Johansson couldn't take her eyes off her during one of her burlesque shows.
RUSSELL Crowe has denied that he is dating Dita Von Teese.
DITA Bowman was active in a number of associations on Tyneside after coming to this country at the outbreak of World War Two fleeing persecution.
CONSTANTINA DITA will find herself part of an amazing number crunch when she defends her Olympic marathon crown a fortnight today.
The free workshop - on the DITA XML content standard for blended online, mobile and instructor-led technical training and documentation - takes place in Utrecht, in The Netherlands, on 7th June and is connected with the DITA Information Energy 2012 conference, which takes place on 8th June (http://ie12.