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Synonyms for bridge

Synonyms for bridge

a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected

something resembling a bridge in form or function

a wooden support that holds the strings up

a denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth

the link between two lenses

an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands

connect or reduce the distance between

make a bridge across

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Automated Detection of Disulfide Bridges in Electron Density Maps using Linear Discriminant Analysis.
The mutagenesis data allowed for concluding that the presence of disulfide bridges is not required for folding of the Na,K-ATPase [alpha]-subunit and its subsequent activity [24].
Structure of papain composed of a single polypeptide chain having 3 disulfide bridges and papain enzymatic activity can be determined through sulfhydryl group.
The mannoproteins of yeast can form disulfide bridges with sulfur compounds and lessen their aromatic impact.
The hepatic peptide hormone hepcidin is a highly conserved molecule of only 25 amino acids with 4 disulfide bridges that plays a central role in body iron metabolism (2).
Nonetheless, Fab antibody fragments are much more difficult to produce than other therapeutic proteins, as they are composed of two different protein subunits and contain several disulfide bridges.
Substitution of cysteine by arginine damages the disulfide bridges which influence the secondary structure of the enzyme.
Disulfide bridges play a major role in stabilization, the folding process and so, existence of cysteine residues and disulfide bonding pattern were determined using DISULFIND server (9).
Purpose; Due to an antioxidant substrate, high proportions of reducible disulfide bridges are typically for the viscotoxin 1-PS from Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.