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com/walking-dead/articles/2014-07-02-disturbing-air-season-5-premiere) Wetpaint , probably the Terminus residents eating human parts can be quite disturbing for the television.
In the first four months of this year, police stopped 2,837 people who were fully dressed on the beach, 259 who were in their underwear, 119 who were disturbing other beachgoers, other than the 114 who were caught taking pictures.
Tinie said he wants to "collaborate with other brands", as he continues to develop Disturbing London.
The Disturbing London logo, depicting a skull wearing a crown, also features heavily in the collection's aesthetic.
The other disturbing feature apart from the frankly revolting and degrading nature of the images themselves is that text conversation you had with a person called Ray.
In stuttering adults, the pattern was reversed: the accuracy of finger tapping was affected by disturbing the right hemisphere, and unaffected when disturbing the left.
It accused Al-Manar TV, represented by its chairman Abdallah Qassir and news director Mohammad Afif Ahmad, of "spreading false news, disturbing public peace and fabricating crimes that did not take place.
RAWALPINDI, June 23, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Scorching heat is creating intense agitation amongst the people of the twin cities and badly disturbing the routine life.
Aa AaAaAa Azoughar, was tried for charges relating to "conspiracy to plot and carry out terror acts aimed at disturbing public order through terror," and "misprision of felony.
THE ice cream van with the loud music theme that moves around from one area to another in Manama is really disturbing everyone.
But Dr Farrar and two council officers did not turn up in court after it was revealed charges against Dr Farrar had been replaced by charges against the council itself, with the authority facing two counts of disturbing wildlife.
A series of disturbing events force Trevor to question his state of mind as he increasingly struggles to tell the difference between fantasy and reality - but uncovering the truth proves to be a dangerous quest.
R: violence, disturbing images, sexuality, language.
The result is one of the most sexy, original, and genuinely disturbing films of recent years.
Airline passengers are already familiar with the awkward moments of armrest territoriality, where neither passenger is certain if they are taking up too much space and both end up tucking in their arms in fear of disturbing fellow fliers.