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Synonyms for disturbed

Synonyms for disturbed

having the place or position changed

Related Words

afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

emotionally unstable and having difficulty coping with personal relationships

affected with madness or insanity

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By the time you reach the last verse which is the 4th one you will be hearing a masterpiece of a cover by Disturbed in all its glory.
In 1990, the state government issued a notification declaring Kashmir Valley as disturbed area under the AFSPA and later on August 10, 2001, extended it to Jammu.
It can also result in unnecessary expenses in removing nontoxic mold or increased expenses disturbing mold through improper removal, similar to the early days of asbestos removal when non-friable asbestos was disturbed and removed rather than leaving it untouched or encapsulating it.
It was alleged he had intentionally disturbed the nest, intentionally disturbed the golden eagle chick and had in his possession equipment that could be used for the taking of eggs or chicks of protected species, including maps and maps bird books.
There are several publications discussing reptiles and amphibians utilizing and adapting to disturbed habitats (Dyrkacz 1977; Enge 1998; Fitch 1999; Kaufmann 1992.
Also in March, Disturbed will relaunch their official website with a special section, accessible by a code included with The Sickness reissue, that will contain exclusive clips, updated weekly, of the band recording their upcoming new album, due for release from Reprise Records later this year.
Mixture Disturbed By Water Supply Department From Regent Estate Play Ground To "I" Block(A/67 Bghajatin) In Ward No.
Summary: Raipur: A CRPF trooper stated to be mentally disturbed shot dead four colleagues and critically .
A CHILDREN'S band has been given its marching orders after their practising in the park disturbed residents.
I am a great fan of Han Nolan's work, always, and yet I can understand that most of her novels, though critically acclaimed, will not have wide popular appeal among teenagers, mostly because they are filled with disturbed and disturbing characters.
The OIR's chief attorney, Michael Gennaco, said he was most disturbed by the large number of misconduct cases involving ``intentional and conscious wrongdoing,'' including the cases of two deputies indicted in August on charges of using their position and the threat of arrest to coerce victims into sexual acts.
I then sent the following comments to that local paper to expand on what had so disturbed this lady.
Such droplets freeze solid almost instantly if they bump into each other or are otherwise disturbed.
constictor flaviventris were captured in the disturbed habitat compared to the relic habitat (Table 1).
Before initiating asbestos removal or repair and maintenance work where asbestos may be disturbed, building and/or project owners must notify their employees end employers who are bidding on such work of the quantity and location of ACM and PACM present in such areas.