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Synonyms for disturbance

Synonyms for disturbance

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a change in normal place or position

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for disturbance

activity that is a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption

an unhappy and worried mental state

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a noisy fight

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From February 20, the western disturbance will be approaching Indian region.
Even if it will not develop into a tropical cyclone, Paciente said the approaching weather disturbance is still expected to carry moderate to heavy to at times intense rains to the already saturated portion of Mindanao this weekend.
RUSH hour trains were delayed after a drunk man caused a disturbance on board - and then stood in front it when it stopped.
A MAN has been fined after a disturbance at a Middlesbrough pub over the weekend.
In order to assess the impacts of multiple disturbances on culturally important ecosystems in the ISR, we created a cumulative disturbance map that represents relative intensity of terrestrial disturbances across the study region.
shorelines, rivers, and lakes), they are often subject to elevated levels of human disturbance (Rodgers and Schwikert, 2003).
In just two 10-minute overflights, an airborne NASA synthetic aperture radar proved it could pinpoint areas of disturbance in Peru's Nasca lines World Heritage Site.
In [21], the SMC is driven by sliding mode disturbance observer to provide robustness against external disturbances and uncertainties while [24] has proposed a second-order sliding mode observer to reconstruct disturbances.
General disturbance, unfounded, Cimarron Lane and Fort Sumter Drive.
Researchers found that almost 11% of the veterans with sleep disturbance developed dementia, compared with 9% of those without sleep disturbance, almost a 30% risk increase.
Police believe the man had been involved in an altercation at a home in the street, before the disturbance.
Anti-disturbance control for systems with multiple disturbances.
This project evaluated the impacts of logging on mammals: (i) indirect impacts--interview based questionnaires used to gather baseline data from local people about wildlife knowledge, perceptions about wildlife and local activities affecting biodiversity, and wildlife hunting by local people; (ii) direct impacts--differences in community composition, species richness and species occupancy along a logging gradient to develop "zones of disturbance," using randomised camera trap data of species and wildlife hunting activity, logging bulldozer data and logging extraction data.
Environmental factors have been implicated as having a role in the onset of late term sleep disturbance for expecting mothers.
A man who died following a disturbance yesterday has been named by police.