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Resident Patrick Cooke said: "You put a spade into a piece of ground and you never know what you are going to disturb.
MacRumors forum is flooded with complaints about the Do Not Disturb feature not working.
Properly train residential building workers who might disturb lead paint and conduct dust clearance testing.
For costs of acquired computer software, the Service will not disturb the taxpayer's treatment of:
It said, however, that "Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013.
Inspired by the personal experience of author Laurence Geller, Do Not Disturb is a sultry, red-hot novel about Rolfe Ritter, a dashing global hotelier who appears to have it all--yet is inwardly haunted by the childhood memory of his father's murder amid post-World War II intrigue.
Mindful of disturbing the turtles, the group will be dressed in black to not disturb the animals.
Jones is alleged to have tried to disturb a colony of nesting terns on four occasions during June and July this year at Gronant near Prestatyn.
Work areas where asbestos removal or repair or maintenance activities take place which may disturb asbestos must be posted with warning signs.
The man argued he had not intended to disturb the nest.
Questions have been recently raised, however, about risks to building maintenance and repair personnel who disturb asbestos themselves and potentially expose others in the vicinity.
But the movie is undeniably impressive in its ability to toy with your sympathies and thoroughly disgust and disturb you in the process.
Current rules for public and commercial buildings, including multi-family dwellings, mandate inspection and disposal only when there is going to be some renovation or demolition work that might disturb asbestos.