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Lawrence, whence the sensitive soul looked so distrustfully forth, as ever ready to retire within, from the offences of a too rude, too uncongenial world.
The Crees & Blackfeet regard each other distrustfully & the latter, who are at present few in number, slept within the Fort a few nights ago, hearing of a large war party of Crees being near.
The woman in the shop, stern-lipped and pretty, was painting a tourist (a Swede, maybe), but eyed Elizabeth distrustfully, and finally told her to leave.
Then you got into a taxi with your broke friends and terrified them-- you were so out of it that you actually launched into a mangled recitation of an Old Testament psalm in broken Hebrew (you had just about learned the basics of it) as the taxi driver stared distrustfully at you in the rearview mirror.
When we subscribe to this view of human nature, it only makes sense to see those around us as rivals and to treat them aggressively, fearfully, and distrustfully.
This nightclub scene, represented superficially and distrustfully, affords Larsen rich material that in Quicksand she revises and reauthorizes with the kind of authority that Wharton, as a white, Europeanized American, cannot access.
We again wanted to take part in a run in a rural area, because it is something completely different to run through a metropolis like Paris with thousands of spectators than running quite alone across the country, distrustfully watched by sheep.
They distrustfully stated that no training was given to them either before or after decentralization that marked a big question on planning system.
Indeed, to this day, many Filipinos regard the Chinese distrustfully, believing in, and perpetuating, the stereotype that the Chinese-like the Moros-are magulang, they'll pull a fast one on you at every turn.
It is important to note that not all WPAs carry the same clout in the world of composition studies and too many are as likely to be distrustfully constructed as--or feel like--disciplinary interlopers as insiders (Janangelo; Walcher, Janangelo and Roen).
She squeezes his fingers instead of voicing the reply I'm glad you didn't, because of the way it pops into her mind, distrustfully, like a reflex.
In university, Kipp's professors, with all the academic snobbery that comes with a PhD, would distrustfully scorn upon anything that began with a 'wiki'.
Consequently, the Kurdish experiment has been distrustfully scrutinized by regional regimes, but world leading nations, like China and the United States, have been taking the Kurdish experiment into consideration both geopolitically and economically.
A poor child used to being mistreated and never getting anything good for free, Bilac explains, will nervously reach out to accept a gift, then contemplate it distrustfully without talking, laughing, or crying.
The only reason computers are viewed so distrustfully is because they can contain hearsay statements in "packaging" that otherwise looks like admissible evidence.