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Clara stopped at the doorway, looking backward and forward distrustfully between the husband and wife.
The young lady answered this polite little speech in a whisper--with her round eyes fixed distrustfully on me while she spoke.
He checked himself on the point of going out, and looked back distrustfully at the lighted candle.
Lawrence, whence the sensitive soul looked so distrustfully forth, as ever ready to retire within, from the offences of a too rude, too uncongenial world.
The woman looks at him distrustfully, and with her anger brewing for the event of his thinking better of the gift; but he bestows it on her as if he were abstracting his mind from the sacrifice, and with many servile thanks she goes her way.
On being brought into the room, Gooseberry stopped at the threshold of the door, and looked distrustfully at the stranger who was in my company.
I trace these lines, self- distrustfully, with the shadows of after-events darkening the very paper I write on; and still I say, what could I do?
Mr Wegg having looked distrustfully at his own limb, and suspiciously at the pattern with which it has been compared, makes the point:
When we subscribe to this view of human nature, it only makes sense to see those around us as rivals and to treat them aggressively, fearfully, and distrustfully.
We again wanted to take part in a run in a rural area, because it is something completely different to run through a metropolis like Paris with thousands of spectators than running quite alone across the country, distrustfully watched by sheep.