district attorney

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an official prosecutor for a judicial district

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Bernard smiled down upon the assistant district attorney as upon a naughty child.
In the corridors were many people, and with his eyes on the broad shoulders of the assistant district attorney, Thorndike pushed his way through them.
There he greeted another assistant district attorney whose years were those of even greater indiscretion than the years of Mr.
The first man in the line was already at the railing, and the questions put to him by the judge were being repeated to him by the other assistant district attorney and a court attendant.
Austin says," continued the district attorney, "she's looked into this case, and asks to have the man turned over to her.
The issue of DA compensation recently surfaced when Clatsop County commissioners voted to eliminate the $13,500 supplement that the county paid to District Attorney Josh Marquis.
When we choose Deputy District Attorney of the Year, it's not a retirement award or an award for career achievement.
Hynes was elected district attorney in November of 2001 and is now serving his fourth term in office as the county's DA.
The district attorney must provide for the collection of data at all stages of the community prosecution.
E[acute accent]Massachusetts District Attorneys Association Integrates AccuRoute with DAMION Prosecutor Case Management for Improved Efficiency, Lower Cost and Greater Document Control
In a printed statement, real estate mogul Alan Casden said he was Archibald's victim, and Casden accused investigators of bungling the case from the outset in order to help District Attorney Steve Cooley's re- election bid.
This October, District Attorney Morgenthau, Commissioner Safir and First Deputy Commissioner Kelleher concluded an extremely successful year-long investigation in the district that resulted in 102 indictments and led to the closing of a pool hall on 37th Street and Eighth Avenue that was operating as a $5.
The Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney believes that the prevention of workers' compensation insurance fraud will reduce the payment of false claims and will produce a proportional reduction in costs to employers," stated the department's official Web site.
The amended ordinance prohibits the Board of Supervisors, district attorney, sheriff, assessor and hundreds of other officeholders in schools, community college and special districts from accepting more than $1,000 per donor and knowingly soliciting or accepting donations from registered lobbyists.
District Attorney Pirro called once again on the Assembly's leadership to allow the Assembly members the opportunity to cast their votes - aye or nay, to take a stand.
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