district attorney

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an official prosecutor for a judicial district

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In Lane County, for example, District Attorney Doug Harcleroad receives a $33,000 county supplement in addition to his $94,300 state salary.
You should see the results within 48 hours,'' said Ron Carpenter, senior deputy district attorney for Ventura County District Attorney's Office.
We call on the Riverside District Attorney to reconsider his actions with respect to Judge Warren and to take affirmative steps to make African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics, and all people feel that their service as jurors will not result in the ingratitude of disrespect, but will instead be a new way to make our treasured governmental process available and fair to all.
In a plebiscite vote released Tuesday of more than 300 members of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, 58 percent voted in favor of keeping Cooley in office and 42 percent voted for Higgins.
color) David Lopez, deputy district attorney in charge of the Newhall prosecutors' office since March, reviews cases.
Although Onsale believes that its atCost disclosures fully satisfy all of Onsale's legal obligations and that its customers were not misled into making purchases by virtue of those disclosures, Onsale revised its Onsale atCost disclosures in consultation with the District Attorney.
The district attorney said he wasn't going to authorize the payment of overtime,'' he added.
Before joining the private sector nearly 20 years ago, Philibosian worked as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles and as head deputy in the Van Nuys office, according to a Southwestern University School of Law biography.
But Deputy District Attorneys Diana Callaghan and Richard Sullivan questioned their superiors' motives when they refused to sign search warrants for the developer's offices as part of a larger criminal investigation, an official in the District Attorney's Office said.
Among the eliminated positions are 18 unfilled jobs in the District Attorney's Office, cuts that District Attorney Greg Totten warned would ``jeopardize the safety of the citizens of this county.
LANCASTER -- A Lancaster gang prosecutor who secured 11 first-degree murder convictions in seven cases since 2005 has been named Deputy District Attorney of the Year in Los Angeles County.
Hynes was elected district attorney in November of 2001 and is now serving his fourth term in office as the county's DA.
Only when the district attorney demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the effort and clearly communicates this dedication to middle managers, will those on the front lines be convinced that their efforts are priorities.
Nasdaq: OMTL), a leading provider of document routing products and services, today announced its AccuRoute legal application that integrates with case management systems, including DAMION Prosecutor Case Management from Constellation Justice Systems, and is specifically designed for state and local district attorney offices.
It's unfortunate when persons like John Archibald commit acts of bribery, corruption and tax fraud,'' said Juliet Schmidt, deputy district attorney in the Public Integrity Division.
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