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Synonyms for distributor

a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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a company that markets merchandise

electrical device that distributes voltage to the spark plugs of a gasoline engine in the order of the firing sequence

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HB 2606, as amended, requires all manufacturers of beer to divest themselves of any interest in a distributorship and reinforces the three-tier regulatory system in Illinois," reported Bill Olson, President of Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois.
According to an expansion official at SPT, the local presence of a distributorship should greatly increase their exposure in the U.
He stated the IOC was giving its best possible service to the people of Nagaland and further assured to release new distributorship and connections in the area.
Mourot also has the distributorship that covers Memphis and the greater Greenville, Miss.
The court also concluded that the sales of distributorships were sales of intagibles independent from the sales of products and, hence, were unprotected by Public Law No.
As we enter an era with a focus on more responsible healthcare spending, it's important that we promote those distributorships that are operating ethically, in the best interest of society and their patients," commented Dr.
2010, A-B InBev requested that the Illinois Liquor Control Commission transfer licenses of four City Beverage distributorship locations to ABI as part of its purchase of City Beverage-Illinois.
The seller, Grant Bray, inherited the distributorship from his late father, Bill Bray.
The surgeons' patient visits and surgical case data were collected for the past five years, including surgical cases where the surgeon used implants from the distributorship.
The FTC filed charges against FutureNet in mid-February, alleging that the company and its five principals conducted a scheme that promised a lifetime income to those who paid between $195 and $794 for a distributorship to sell Internet access devices.
Welltec, which has been building injection molding machines in Hong Kong since the late 1970s, introduced its first machines here through a distributorship and opened a U.
The Liquor Control Commission's ruling to allow A-B InBev to have an ownership interest in a distributorship is an example of the regulatory process run amok," Mr.
He said the Greenville distributorship was formerly part of a Budweiser distributor, the one in Pine Bluff was purchased from George Makris' Budweiser distributorship and the Little Rock distributorship was purchased from the Bland family of Paragould.
After a lengthy trial, today's victory reaffirms that the Maris's managed a successful and profitable distributorship that was wrongfully taken from them.
Effort to cut shoplifting losses led to distributorship acquisition
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