distributor cap

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the cap of the distributor that holds in place the wires from the distributor to the spark plugs

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In your case, what's happening is that the moisture that's stuck inside the distributor cap is compromising your spark.
Cover the distributor cap with fingerless marigolds to prevent damp
A bad crank-angle sensor could interrupt the spark, as could a failure of any part of the secondary ignition system, like the distributor cap, rotor, coil wire or coil.
He added a muffler and a distributor cap, straightened out the rear bumper and sent the man and his family on their way.
If the engine is running, the spark plug wire, distributor cap and ignition coil will all give you a nasty shock if you touch them.
If the engine gives up the ghost, wipe the battery leads, distributor cap and ignition coil (in older cars), before spraying the entire area.
I told the driver I had found the problem under the distributor cap.
Engine misfires are not unknown, and sound dreadful, but can be caused by something simple such as worn or faulty spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor arm or high tension leads.
Roberge's high school science project, built in the shape of an engine showing how spark is distributed to spark plugs from the distributor cap.
Also ensure the proper modified distributor cap is fitted.
Always dock in a well illuminated area -- Clearly identify and mark the vessel -- Secure watercraft to the dock or buoy with a locked steel cable; detachable outboard motors also should be chained and locked to the boat -- Always shut the engine off; never leave the keys in the boat when disembarking -- Lock the craft's cabins, doors, and windows when not in use -- Equip the boat with alarms and activate them whenever leaving the craft -- Disable the boat when docked for long periods by shutting off fuel lines, removing the battery or removing the distributor cap Stranded with an Empty Dinghy: Keep Identification Records Current Keep clear, up-to-date records on your watercraft and equipment.