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Synonyms for distributor

a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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a company that markets merchandise

electrical device that distributes voltage to the spark plugs of a gasoline engine in the order of the firing sequence

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PARA Firearms Distributor of the Year: Davidson's Inc.
The distributor's distributor offers low minimums, both quantity and order value.
Forrest Shaklee, the company's initial product line of natural nutritional supplements sold well, thanks to a network of eager distributors selling to their friends and neighbors.
A one-stop distributor supplies independent and major label products to chains, morn-and-pop stores, and other retail outlets.
There are numerous potential roadblocks in the path of a clean termination of non-renewal of your Japanese distributor.
distributor that bills itself as a "fall safety specialized company," says good relationships lead to personal attention.
Melo, of autoparts distributor Arias Motors, says that a key benefit of the program for his clients nationwide is access to credit.
Access to information is critical and success is directly proportional to the structure and flexibility of the core distributor management systems.
I've got a million dollars of my own money in this business and our distributors are behind us 100 percent,'' said Setlin, 64.
Thus, the wholesale distributor could face some significant losses in this situation - especially if it has already reimbursed its franchisee for the full, tax-inclusive price of the gasoline the franchisee sold to the state agency.
It is one thing to decide that a strategic alliance (or a marketing partnership, as some prefer to call it) with a distributor is in order.
Superior also chose to join the Airco Distributor Association (ADA), the buying group exclusively available to BOC distributors.
Talbert, 31, who also produces gospel plays, expected his film to get picked up by a major distributor on the strength of its script and recognizable cast.
Across the country, older family-owned wholesale distributors are disappearing or being bought by emerging behemoths, and the lowly ``take it or leave it'' supermarket magazine rack is on the cusp of what many predict will be major enhancements of modern marketing.
distributor subsidiary buying products from a foreign related party in a foreign currency, the question arises under Sec.