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serving to distribute or allot or disperse

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individuals face in making distributively just decisions).
In this respect it is possible for there to be a coincidence of happiness for individuals considered distributively and collectively.
and argue that any fix to such distributively unfair terms that goes
the notion that one can design a friction-free and distributively just scheme of allocating burdens and entitlements.
After describing, generally, the judicial powers of the United States, the Constitution goes on to speak of it distributively, and gives to the Supreme Court original jurisdiction, among other instances, in the case where a State shall be a party; but is not a State a party as well in the condition of a Defendant as in that of a Plaintiff?
The plural form of the attribute results from the circumstance that in the case of natural coordination the coordinating construction usually provides a collective reading, and accidental coordination is often interpreted distributively.
Beside this reference to a specific set of items, the enclitic also functions to distributively single out each item expressed by the numeral:
Men, conversely, may feel more at ease negotiating distributively (i.
That result could be seen as distributively unjust.
The plurals tadvidam and sadhunam should be understood collectively in connection with acara, but distributively in connection with atmatusti.
Some proponents of pollution charges suggest that combining a basket of levies with reductions in payroll taxes (one of the more regressive measures in the tax code) and income taxes can produce overall tax reform packages that would be distributively neutral.
The common good that is the supreme value of the CBM, promotes the welfare of both the firm and employees, both collectively and distributively.
Whether it is distributively just to levy a tax on the wealthy or to grant the wealthy a tax cut depends on the effect of the levy or cut on the poor.
distributive/singulative in relation to a sub-type of those nouns which are often referred to as "collective" nouns--rather unhelpfully so called given that they can be used either collectively or distributively, as in (3a) (collective) vs.