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serving to distribute or allot or disperse

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Most of the prior research in the area of organizational justice has focused on two major issues: firstly, employees' responses to the outcomes they receive, that is distributive justice and, secondly, the means or procedures by which they obtain these outcomes, that is procedural justice (Cropanzano & Greenberg, 1997).
s gross receipts and net ordinary business income consisted of fee income rather than a distributive share from the funds.
Barry Williams, Chair of the CBI Distributive Trades Survey Panel said: "The high street has a spring in its step - retailers performed well in April and enjoyed a strong rise in sales compared with this time last year.
Keywords Locals * Expatriates * Compensation disparity * Distributive justice * Norms * China
Barry Williams, Asda chief merchandising officer for food, and chairman of the CBI distributive trades survey panel said: "The feel-good factor from the heatwave, summer sales, royal baby fever and sporting victories has helped boost the high street, with clothing retailers and grocers benefiting in particular.
Distributive justice means the fair distribution of organizational resources.
Organizational justice, which is comprised of two dimensions--procedural justice (processes) and distributive justice (outcomes)--Is important in helping shape staff job involvement levels.
This study narrowed these variables down to organizational justice focusing on procedural justice and distributive justice factors as well as demographical variables.
A l-ideal D of a l-module M is called a distributive l-ideal if and if D [conjunction] (X [disjunction] Y) = (D [conjunction] X) [disjunction] (D [conjunction] Y), for all X, Y [member of] I(M) where I(M) is the set of all l-ideals of a l-module.
Publishing its latest monthly Distributive Trades Survey, the organisation said retailers did not expect modest sales growth to continue into the new year, with annual sales falling in January.
The subjective conditions relate to individual differences in conceptions of the good, interests and life-plans, which cause conflicts in the face of various distributive schemes of scarce resources.
These statist positions have been held respectively by communitarians--such as Alasdair Macintyre (1981, 1984), David Miller (1995) and Michael Walzer (1977, 1983, 1995) (12)-, by liberal egalitarians--such as Michael Blake (2002)--who based the distributive justice requirement on coercion, and by liberal egalitarians--such as Thomas Nagel (2005)--who base this requirement on the existence of a coercively imposed institutional system that demands that citizens or subjects accept and not merely obey its rules.
ABI), a leading developer of small distributive refining systems in the 10 to 15 million gallon per year range and parent company of Red Wolf Refining (http://www.
The theory of organizational justice conceptualizes organizational justice as two distinct variables, distributive justice and procedural justice (Folger & Konovsky, 1989; Greenberg, 1990; McFarlin & Sweeney, 1992).
The term social justice is today generally used as a synonym of what used to be called distributive justice.
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