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(chemistry) the total energy in an assembly of molecules is not distributed equally but is distributed around an average value according to a statistical distribution

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Distribution law of abrasive grain size: a--big and medium abrasive grain sizes, b--medium and small abrasive grain sizes.
Considering the fact, that all data are distributed according to normal distribution law, the t-test was applied to find out if the data fit statistically.
Therefore, the Timetable-based model with Kirchhoff distribution law was selected for further research.
The pressure distribution law was obtained by solving the Reynolds equation in the case of a conical motion of the shaft in a journal bearing (Parausanu et al.
He expected the land distribution law to change near the end of the year or within the first quarter of 2010.
Have a lawyer who specializes in franchising or distribution law at your side when purchasing a franchise system.
The dynamic quality of the irradiance can be evaluated by the value of (moving) standard deviation, by the distribution law of the increments and number of characteristic events per time interval.
Content includes information on counseling prospective franchisees, drafting franchise agreements, drafting franchise disclosure documents, filings required with the California Department of Corporations (DoC), representing franchisor clients in DoC enforcement actions, representing franchisee clients in litigation against the franchisor, and distribution law.
The council's License Committee unanimously passed a new version of the litter and door-to-door distribution law that no longer includes language apply it to newspapers.
Wien's (1864-1928) classical distribution law he obtained by using the continuous energy spectrum of a classical oscillator, while Planck's (1858-1947) non-classical distribution law emerges from the discrete energy spectrum of a quantum oscillator.
We add that using another distribution law will not modify the essential conclusions from the theory of groups.
QUESTION: What do you think the effect of the distribution law will be?
The land distribution law will almost certainly further inflame an already volatile situation in the countryside, where violence related to the farm invasions has resulted in at least two deaths left many more people hurt in recent days.
For attorneys specializing in the field of franchise and distribution law, CCH has released the CCH Franchise Law Library on CD-ROM.
Much of distribution law, however, is less a set of rules than a process for resolving disputes under a set of vague guidelines.
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