distribution cost

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any cost incurred by a producer or wholesaler or retailer or distributor (as for advertising and shipping etc)

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As a result, costs incurred in order processing, order picking, staging for shipment, and shipping to customers are treated as distribution activities and qualify for the distribution cost exception.
American Airlines has announced a new EveryFare programme to make its web fares more widely available while reducing distribution costs.
Simon Fox, Director Information Technology, Virgin Atlantic Airways, said, "The Datalex solution provides Virgin Atlantic with an efficient and extensible solution in keeping with the Virgin Atlantic vision for customer service and strong distribution cost control.
In pricing variable-annuity products, the allowance for these distribution costs typically falls in the range of 100 to 140 basis points of premium.
This is another trend in the same direction of distribution costs increasing as a percentage of the products we buy in supermarkets.
The data points we have aggregated suggest that the meta-search model's growth in India is reducing distribution costs through efficient online customer acquisition, at a fraction of existing distribution channels, and is helping accelerate ancillary revenue generation", said Aloke Bajpai, Founder-CEO, iXiGO.
SITA said the goal is to boost Carpatair's revenues by 15% and achieve annual savings of $2 million on sales and distribution costs.
Orbitz is the first online travel agency to connect directly to an airline's reservation system and it introduced Supplier Link in 2002 to help airlines reduce distribution costs.
The Orbitz Supplier Link was reportedly designed to assist airlines in lowering distribution costs.
The agreement is a result of several months of negotiations and allows SAS to obtain lower distribution costs, the company said.
Increased distribution costs resulting from Hurricane Katrina are likely to dampen retail margins, the report says.
The group plans to relocate production and improve distribution costs.
TOKYO -- Executives at the Japanese retailer Aeon say the company could trim 7% from its distribution costs within two years by increasing the number of products it sources directly from suppliers.
The ability to handle many smaller packages also has reduced administrative and distribution costs.
The agreement is designed to boost Anheuser-Busch's share in the nation's ``import'' beer market and increase Kirin's flow of sales in the United States and reduce its distribution costs.
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