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a branch of a river that flows away from the main stream and does not rejoin it

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He further said that Rs7 billion were approved for lining of miners and distributaries of Thar Canal and Khipro Canal and work on site continued of lining of Noor Wah, Chhor Wah, Kot Wah, Thar tail, Thar Wah, Girhoor, Sheba Shakh, Daro Bazaar Shakh and Samathry.
However, this question is not relevant, as the FOs can hire professionals from the market for O&M of the distributaries and pay them, if the FOs are able to generate money from irrigation revenue.
He further alleged that funds were continued in lining work of canals and distributaries as Sindh High Court had already been taken notice in this regard and NAB Karachi inquiry continued at Jamrao canal and Rohri canal but we did not believe in the inquiry report.
In order to ensure water supply to the growers up to tail- end, different canals, distributaries and water courses be monitored and suggestion should also be submitted in this regard, he directed.
It is also suggested that to compare the situation countrywide similar studies should also be conducted in the command areas of other distributaries.
00 km and its distributaries, including structures & MLBC main canal from 87.
HYDERABAD -- The Executive Engineer Irrigation Hala Division Wednesday announced water rotation programme in minors and distributaries of his division due to shortage of water in the canal.
The AWBs will encourage the formation of financially autonomous and sell-reliant Farmer Organisations (FOs) on secondary channels to undertake O&M of their respective distributaries and drainage facilities.
Tenders are invited for providing barbed wire fencing for protection of aquired land for main canal and various branch canals and distributaries from ch 0m to 2690m of peral distributary
MIRPURKHAS -- Chairman District Relief Monitoring Committee and Member National Assembly (MNA) Mir Munawar Ali Khan Talpure has directed the officers of the Irrigation Department to ensure desilting of canals and distributaries and strengthen weak banks to avoid any breaches.
In the new reforms, the Farmers' Organisations will manage distributaries and minors and pay the cost of upstream water in full.
Tenders are invited for minor irrigation - nsp - supplying and fixing of ms shutters to scour vents of lf main canal and bapani kunta reserviours, and deep cut of ne & nw main canal of distributaries of mydala vagu anicut of ne main canal distributaries of dindi medium irrigation project, dindi (v&m) nalgonda dist
The meeting also called for an end to water rotation system in distributaries linked with the canals on the ground that while farmers of one area get water the others are deprived of it by the rotation system.
The distributaries are in the jurisdiction of Nara Canal Area Water Board.
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