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Senate hearings in 2003 on prison jihadism yielded distressingly few results.
Distressingly, this kind of incident is no longer as rare as it once was and gangs of teenage yobs course the city's streets every single day.
And distressingly it is the same knee that ruined his England Euro 2004 dream and saw him miss the last eight games of last season, as Boro missed out on a top-half finish.
While other health indicators in the developing world have recently improved, maternal mortality remains distressingly high," says Thoraya A.
The affectionate gross-out of these distressingly opulent icons was mirrored and reversed in Venice Witch, a bronze stick figure clad in Stevie Nicks beads and roller skates, her clawlike labia and long-nippled dugs, pursed lips and gnarled hands the only modulations to her crazed skinniness.
And the make-up here could still be distressingly high.
Though still distressingly limited, comparative social history has flourished in some topical areas, such as slavery, emancipation, and more recently working class.
When a well-known Batman villain outs her with photos of her kissing her girlfriend Daria, Renee's private life becomes distressingly public.
But Hollywood's definition of "unauthorized" is distressingly broad, encompassing actions usually regarded as integral to consumers' fair-use rights (such as recording a pay-per-view movie for private viewing).
A distressingly large number of children suffer physical or sexual abuse.
The practical advice in So What can be distressingly similar to the jokes, and there are times when the "guide" seems to cross the line between self-help and recovery as if a scholarly career were a pathology or addiction.
Plunge these complex, parent-longing souls into the giddy ferment of celebrity culture and they suddenly become quite distressingly uncomplicated.
Distressingly, however, Lester's microscopic examination (though fictional) suggests that in the end there is no celebration, no real sense of accomplishment, benefits, or reward.
House of Representatives Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, Mathur stated that CalPERS' spending for biotech products is distressingly substantial and rising at a rate that is significantly higher than traditional pharmaceuticals.
It mistrusts strong colours, preferring to make films look like they've been through a boil-wash, and gets distressingly hot long before you exhaust the lithiumion battery.