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an internationally recognized signal sent out by a ship or plane indicating that help is needed

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The distress signals, once received by the repeater, are returned to earth via one or more of the 35 Local User Terminals operated by search and rescue authorities in 20 countries.
Several other water-dwelling animals, including crayfish, hermit crabs, and a fish called the Iowa darter, also release a chemical distress signal.
He heard the distress signal and alerted the captain who immediately ordered Carpathia to race towards Titanic.
Coastguards have been criticised for an eight-hour delay in reacting to the fishing boat's distress signal off the coast of Arbroath.
But on Tuesday it was feared Tony had been washed into the icy seas after distress signals were found to be coming from a life raft some way from the yacht.
The Dubai Police have unveiled an 'SOS wristband' that can be used by the elderly and people with special needs to send out distress signals at the touch of a button.
New Indoor Positioning System pinpoints mobile distress signals down to the floor and room
The lifeboat men had been watching her since daylight, but it is stated that a Liverpool man, who is concerned with the lifeboat operation, was to a certain extent responsible for the boat putting out, no distress signals having been visible.
However, between the last two Venetia Williams' game mare started to send out a few distress signals and James Davies seized his chance on the run-in to drive Jayandbee, who was getting 16lb from the runner-up, home by a length and a quarter.
In addition to monitoring distress signals, the MOC broadcasts weather reports twice a day at 7am and 7pm which can be accessed by all regional shipping.
Two British adventurers on trans-Pacific solo rowing voyages from Japan's east coast sent distress signals on Thursday, the Japan Coast Guard said.
The engines were used to try to pump it out and distress signals were sent by wireless.
Red Flag Alert measures corporate distress signals through a range of sources including factual legal and financial data for companies trading for more than a year.
Zoffany was sent off the 6-4 favourite but was one of the first of the principals to send out distress signals and eventually finished a never-dangerous third.