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an internationally recognized signal sent out by a ship or plane indicating that help is needed

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The ship was drifting toward the municipal waters of Pambujan when the PCG received a distress call from them.
They made a distress call and later coordinated with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) and the Philippine Coast Guard personnel in Northern Samar, according to the report of Pambujan police.
A statement on Redcar RNLI's website said: "The Redcar RNLI Atlantic 85 class lifeboat Leicester Challenge III was launched on Thursday, April 20, after the two-man crew of a fishing boat sent out a distress call when their fishing boat broke down in the Tees bay approximately 1.
The migrants sent a distress call to the European emergency telephone number 112 from the 18-metre (60-foot) vessel after bad weather conditions overnight.
Airport authorities asked for a verification of the emergency message and the flight crew confirmed the distress call, he said.
The crew of the Saudi plane informed the airport upon landing that the distress call was mistake, according to the airport manager.
MYSTERY surrounding the crash of EgyptAir MS804 has deepened following claims its pilot DID make a distress call - about an emergency descent aimed at putting out a fire.
by ONA The Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) has shifted an Omani national who was in coma in Iran to the Sultanate after receiving a distress call from his son.
According to Morris, at that point just about any pup distress call will draw attention.
The crew of the 19 metre fishing boat named Cesca managed to make a distress call to alert the emergency services before the boat sank.
Summary: Representatives of Lebanon's business community sounded a warning Friday about the danger posed by the country's political paralysis and its failure to elect a president -- it's the kind of distress call that politicians are adept at ignoring.
The coastguards were alerted after the Maritime Operations Room received a distress call from a citizen who said that he drifted away after his diving boat rope got accidentally cut The coastguard patrols were dispatched to the location and found the boat while two Bahrainis helped the three other divers.
Some inferences about the responses of adult caimans to playbacks of distress call of juvenile individuals were also made.
As many as 150 asylum seekers are believed to have drowned on the way to Australia after the search for a boat that issued a distress call early on Wednesday was abandoned.
Norwegian car carrier MV Parsifal was the first to respond to a distress call by the 67 asylum seekers near Java, who were heading for the Australian territory of Christmas Island, 250 miles to the south.