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the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim


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The debtor could pay the sum owed before the seizure of his/her property or before the sale of the seized goods in order to halt the distraint.
Dogan Group announced that the ministry of finance put cautionary distraint on shares of Hurriyet, Milliyet, the magazine group and Dogan TV.
They collected voluntary payments and, if necessary, took enforced collection action through distraint.
Here the law gives landlord remedies that are not available to other businesses, giving him, for instance, power of distraint over a tenant's goods in the event of unpaid rent.
A selection of topics discussed includes attornment, community property, distraint, ejectment, public utilities claims, quiet enjoyment, and written disclosure.
The fact that the modern-day legislation, like its historical counterparts, is so careful to underline that exemptions from taxation and distraint apply only in respect to personal property situated on reserves demonstrates that the purpose of the legislation is not to remedy the economically disadvantaged position of Indians by ensuring that Indians may acquire, hold, and deal with property in the commercial mainstream on different terms than their fellow citizens.
Forced to hold the first tithe distraint sale in North Wales for 45 years, he chalked up a verse condemning the tax on a blackboard outside his cattle shed: 'God save us from these raiding priests / Who seize our crops and steal our beasts / Who pray, 'Give us our daily bread / And take it from our mouths instead.
In addition, amnesty may be granted even if a lien exists against the taxpayer's property; the DOR has initiated proceedings under an assessment and distraint procedure; or the DOR has entered into an installment agreement with the taxpayer.
He frequently petitioned authorities on behalf of Quakers who suffered distraint for failing to pay tithes.
The district court had determined that authorities had committed distraint in 1978 when they twice seized and partially destroyed a building and steel tower belonging to the Kitahara faction, a left-wing extremist group.
Those at the bottom had the least security and faced the greatest risk of rackrenting, distraint, and eviction.
200) Similarly, Montana's Dangerous Drug Tax also provides that the DOR may collect the tax by distraint.
After years of investigations and court proceedings, the AFC finally scored a breakthrough in December 2008 when the Sofia City Court issued a distraint on Dimitrova's properties.
On October 2 - 26 days after the first distraint - the companies' bankers at HSBC, who are owed nearly pounds 300,000 and have first call on assets, appointed receivers from the Birmingham office of PKF at the request of the two directors.
The drop in petitions to wind up companies and place them into liquidation, combined with evidence that suggests HMRC is increasingly using its powers to seize business assets, show that HMRC is now using distraint as its preferred method of enforcement.