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Synonyms for distraint

the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim


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Joseph, officer-in-charge of the Legal Affairs Department of the SSS presented that all employers are covered by the guidelines, a warrant of distraint is issued on personal properties such as cash, jewelries, vehicles, while that of Levy is issued to cover permanent, immovable property such as real estate and the warrant of garnishment is issued on the employers property which is in the possession of third party such as deposit or mortgage with the bank.
58) Using language similar to the policy-style statements identified in Roberts and Walter's cases, the Crown conveys its justification for ordering the Sheriff to release the distraint on Nicholas's goods and chattels: 'because such things usually happen to madmen in their illnesses, wherefore they have not undergone the judgement of the Kings court or the court of another, these things ought not and are not wont to be considered felony.
Any idea of recovering real money by distraint is a falsehood.
The debtor could pay the sum owed before the seizure of his/her property or before the sale of the seized goods in order to halt the distraint.
bell and psalm for the church, hostages for lords, 'three utterances' for poets, distraint for commoners.
When they refused to pay the abatements allowed them for several years Hoskins resorted to legal measures that ended up in arrests and the distraint of goods.
The government has 49% stake in Alfa Telecom, the remaining 51% is under distraint.
19, 2003); IRS CCA 200235023, WL 1999524, [section]6331 Levy and Distraint (Aug.
However, Moststroy was not the only firm with problems, given that the accounts of Holding Patishta were also put under distraint.
proceedings, ordinary proceedings, and assessment and distraint.
Vance Smith has argued convincingly that a desire for concealment can be read in the behavior of a late-medieval English mercantile class that was keenly aware of the precariousness of its position and of practical dangers such as distraint of knighthood, with the result that they worked actively to hide their true economic worth.
1889) (refusing to assist in the collection of a property tax against a municipal water company, even though the collector's traditional remedies of distraint and sale would be unavailing because of legislation forbidding the sale of the property of such entities).
Dogan Group announced that the ministry of finance put cautionary distraint on shares of Hurriyet, Milliyet, the magazine group and Dogan TV.
They collected voluntary payments and, if necessary, took enforced collection action through distraint.
Here the law gives landlord remedies that are not available to other businesses, giving him, for instance, power of distraint over a tenant's goods in the event of unpaid rent.