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levy a distress on

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confiscate by distress

legally take something in place of a debt payment

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If a debtor, his wife or children, when distrained for non-payment are killed as a result of maltreatment, then the law wreaks vengeance on the child of the creditor.
At a later point in the same letter, a similar foregrounding of her speech occurs in recounting her exchange with Harleston, the Duke of Suffolk's steward, when he approached her at the Hellesdon manor requesting the return of the distrained livestock:
126) Nevertheless, the PDA's strenuous efforts to harvest crops on boycotted farms and ensure the sale of distrained goods gradually loosened the League's stranglehold on selected estates.
However the close drain drum into which the fluid was to he distrained only had a pressure rating of 3.
By 1840, interest in Chartism and Owenism in Coventry was in decline and William Taunton obtained a post as Sunday school teacher at Vicar Lane, where he was soon distrained (had his property seized) for non-payment of the Vicar's Rate.
Two of the cars have been distrained by bailiffs representing the North West Development Agency, the public sector regeneration body that was the landlord at Jensen's factory.
The bailiffs distrained an estimated pounds 300,000 worth of equipment to protect the assets from other creditors, who included about 130 West Midland suppliers owed about pounds 340,000, the receivers found.
The weary honesty of the visage in the Edinburgh picture, with its rueful stare, partly of contempt, may date from soon after Rembrandt's bankruptcy in 1656, when his joyfully collected prints and artefacts, as well as the house where he had painted for nearly twenty years, and the press from which he issued his etchings, were distrained merely for their monetary value.
WHEREAS the STOCK PROPRIETORS of this Territory and its Dependencies are grievously harassed, by having their Cattle distrained and impounded for heavy Damages, done or alleged to be done to the Crops of certain Settlers, who will not enclose their Plantations, but too often keep them open for the very Purpose of extorting such Damages out of the Trespasses of their Neighbour's Cattle .
It was common practice for goods distrained from Dissenters to be purchased by nearby friends.
At Clare in 1352, William Pope was distrained to answer in court because he sold herring at six for 1d.
The sources are chiefly probate inventories and wills, but a receipt and an inventory of goods distrained against debt are drawn on.
all who in the period 1430-1509 provided a knight or were distrained,
When the sheriff of that county distrained a Regulator's horse and saddle for nonpayment of taxes in April 1768, violence flared at Hillsborough, the seat of Orange County.
Their notions of administration were partly framed in reaction against the unseemly process, ably described by Brown, in which state executive councils hectored local officials to do their duty and sheriffs distrained the property of delinquent collectors.