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levy a distress on

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confiscate by distress

legally take something in place of a debt payment

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asking the Dubai Courts to allow it to distrain on Nakheel's assets to recover an amount of almost 505,000 Dirhams
In one of his more anxious and less generous moments, he expressed reluctance to employ Simeon Solomon's indigent sister Rebecca Solomon as a copyist, fearing that her landlord might distrain one of his paintings to pay her debts.
Os valores obtidos de residuos podem ser considerados bons, pois a maior parte permaneceu dentro dos valores aceitaveis (-10 a +10), segundo criterios adotados por programas de computadores para treinamento na quantificacao de doencas, como Distrain (Tomerlin & Howell, 1988) e Disese.
In the fourteenth century, the term 'stress' entered the English language as a modified form of distress or distrain.
In the absence of some specific privilege to enter, it has been held that the landlord may enter to collect rent and to distrain where that is permitted.
In doing so, she recounts her response to a group of tenants who arrived at the Pastons' estate at Hellesdon, requesting the return of seventy-seven head of cattle she had instructed estate servants to distrain for the rental fees the tenants had owing in arrears:
They were allowed "to tax, assess, charge, distrain [i.
Far from being defenseless or impotent, many of them used their power to evict or threaten eviction and to distrain chattels or goods in the hope of squeezing some money out of their rebellious tenants.
Thus, if the sheriff decided not to seize goods or to distrain in favour of people who had written letters to the editor favouring a particular political party, this would be invalid and, one would hope, also a breach of the implied freedom of communication.
The right to distrain for arrears of rent in relation to residential premises should be abolished;
33) Basic procedure, for instance, the use of essoiners (excusers for non-attendance), and the giving of repeated orders to distrain non-attenders and attach or arrest defaulters, mirrors that in the courts of common law.
When the gang turned up to distrain upon the Congregationalist minister Stephen Lobb, they `found the doors barricaded, the windows fast shut, and five or six Amazonian religious sisters upon their defence, each armed with a spit, fire fork, or some suchlike weapon'.
25) Although the principle of self-help remained firmly rooted in Athenian law (the right to apagoge in appropriate circumstances, the right to kill, the right to distrain on property under certain circumstances), only in the case of moicheia did this include the right to physical abuse.
Hemans' (PW viii), the editor of her American Poetical Works went on to felicitate the poet on her refusal "to search out the materials of poetry with such microscopic eyes as to degrade its noble office - describing the interior of a cottage (as a witty critic remarked of Crabbe), like a person sent there to distrain for the lease" (PWx).