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Chevrolet's system was the most distracting, followed by Mercedes and Ford.
Drivers who reported engaging in distracting behaviors were more likely to report having ever been in a crash, said Dr.
Hearing half a conversation is distracting because we are unable to predict the succession of speech," Emberson said.
It topped the poll as the most distracting landmark with Antony Gormley's Angel of the North coming a close second.
Female motorists are also more concerned about safety around famous landmarks, with 43% saying that there should be lower speed limits around distracting monuments in comparison to only 31% of men who think this should be the case.
The study showed that drivers engage in a distracting activity on average once every six minutes.
Examples of potentially distracting features, beyond the primary culprit of mobile phones, include navigation systems, telematics devices, audio equipment, and climate controls.
Eye-catching postcards showing the danger of distracting a working guide dog are being distributed across South Wales.
Instead, the provision would inject the CEO into the return preparation and approval process and thus has the potential for distracting CEOs from activities (including corporate governance) where their professional expertise is best used.
And with a playwright like Iizuka supplying the words, you probably don't want a lot of extraneous visual imagery distracting an audience's focus from concentrating on what's being said.
Of course, those not particularly interested in (or even theoretically opposed to) biographical criticism may find the chapter a bit distracting.
In The Matrix, Fahrenheit 451, and George Orwell's 1984, the news and entertainment media distracting and anesthetizing the masses are a tyrant's tools.
How can I get to know him better without distracting him from basketball?
While public outcry and scientific studies indicate that cell phones are distracting drivers, insurers haven't changed their strategies to limit this risk factor when writing private-passenger auto policies.
The inability both to weed out distracting information and to preserve useful facts in working memory stems from a disruption of the brain's prefrontal cortex, located just behind the eyes, theorize the NIMH investigators.