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Synonyms for distort

Synonyms for distort

to alter and spoil the natural form or appearance of

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

Synonyms for distort

make false by mutilation or addition

twist and press out of shape

affect as in thought or feeling

alter the shape of (something) by stress


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Today, Zimbabwe's economy, like all other postcolonial economies, is poorly, dependently, lopsidedly and distortedly developed to the disadvantage of the indigenous people of Zimbabwe (see also Ake, 1981; Ekekwe, 1986).
In fact, Joron confronts even the visual dynamic of individual letters, which echo distortedly as they jump like electrons from word to word before embedding themselves in the larger, buzzing machinery of syntax ("As atoms have their hive/in have--/I halve my half forever").
If you Google this term, you'll find a string of (anti-Muslim) websites which distortedly explain this concept in a manner intended to instill fear of all Muslims in the reader.
Then too, there have been periods in the history of thought when reality, seen through the lens of myth, though seen distortedly, revealed much that had escaped observers equipped with less ingenious optical devices.
The fact that these structures do not subdivide well for the typical users in the market underscores the more positive reality behind Westchester County's distortedly high vacancy rate: the existing mismatch between per transaction demand size and the size and nature of Westchester's existing commercial inventory offers vast opportunities for gain for certain landlords as well as tenants, namely those who have the ability to identify and lease multi-tenantable product within well-located, Class A buildings.
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