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Synonyms for distinguishable

Synonyms for distinguishable

Synonyms for distinguishable

capable of being perceived as different or distinct

(often followed by 'from') not alike


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The position of the lights rendered objects in the batteau distinguishable, both from the canoe and the shore; and the heavy fall on the water drew all eyes to the steward, as he lay struggling, for a moment, in sight.
Jerry remembered another high-grass adventure, when he and his brother Michael had fought Owmi, another black distinguishable for the cogged wheels of an alarm clock on his chest.
Among the stumps and trunks of the fallen saplings, those that had been hacked "China fashion" were no longer distinguishable from those that were cut "'Melican way.
Whatever Kit thought about after this, took some time to think of, for he stood gazing up the lines of shining lamps, long after the chaise had disappeared, and did not return into the house until the Notary and Mr Abel, who had themselves lingered outside till the sound of the wheels was no longer distinguishable, had several times wondered what could possibly detain him.
Presently, she heard a series of loud double knocks at the street- door, and after every knock some new voice in the next room; the tones of Mr Ralph Nickleby were easily distinguishable at first, but by degrees they merged into the general buzz of conversation, and all she could ascertain was, that there were several gentlemen with no very musical voices, who talked very loud, laughed very heartily, and swore more than she would have thought quite necessary.
This sally (which was strictly founded on fact) was received with a general roar, above which, was plainly distinguishable the laughter of Mr Pyke and Mr Pluck, who were, evidently, Sir Mulberry's toads in ordinary.
A bugle note was heard, and a cluster of black specks was distinguishable against the snows of the upper heights.
Very soon after this embarrassing explanation, Julia received a letter from her friend that was in no way distinguishable from the rest, except that it contained the real name of Regulus, which she declared to be Henry Frederick St.
Good taste and bad taste were only catchwords, garments of diverse cut; and music itself dissolved to a whisper through pine-trees, where the song is not distinguishable from the comic song.
Two states are equivalent if their languages are equal; otherwise, they are distinguishable by some word that is in the language of one of the states, but not the other.
The ability to create customized mosaics and market them directly to the homeowner, pool builder, or designer provides a distinguishable competitive advantage in the market place
The Petition states that distinguishable names are essential for enhancing patient safety and to ensure effective pharmacovigilance.
Lumia 1020 is distinguishable from other phones because of its round black camera unit protruding from its back.
Benji, a ginger and white cat, is easily distinguishable by his luminous yellow collar, his missing right bacK leg and an extra toe on his left foot.
He said that many of them were of the view that the sunrise-to-sunset concept of fasting was for regions in which day was clearly distinguishable from night.