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Synonyms for distinctness

Synonyms for distinctness

the state of being several and distinct

the quality of being not alike

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Prior to the Second Meditation, the meditator has not yet learned to perceive anything with clarity and distinctness (cf.
It is to these foundational questions that the Bodily Distinctness View and the Bodily Relatedness View provide very different answers.
Jasper Adams, "[I]t may not be easy, in every possible case, to trace the line of separation between the rights of religion and the Civil authority with such distinctness as to avoid collisions and doubts on unessential points.
As he himself acknowledges, most of these words, despite their etymological distinctness, have long since come to be used interchangeably.
The "genetic determinism" of asexual replication could result in a devaluation of the distinctness of each individual and could lead to marketing of individuals as "high-caliber" genome sources.
In males the stripes lose their distinctness and the dorsal color becomes more or less uniform brown or olive by sexual maturity.
Avery Dennison said that Avloy paint film has gloss and distinctness of image characteristics comparable to those of conventional spray paints, and has superior adhesion and chip resistance.
While emphasizing the distinctness of this crisis from the unification crisis, he also reminds the reader that the achievements of unification will not endure unless the present crisis is mastered.
The most important lesson the daughters in the novel learn, as articulated by Chodorow, is that "differentiation is not distinctness and separateness, but a particular way of being connected to others" (11).
Montgomery strategically inscribes the signifiers of Canadian distinctness, even while appealing to a broad, international readership.
This would violate the Canadian social and political contract based on Quebec's distinctness and the exercise of provincial autonomy in social policy matters.
Only Teena was different, and the devastating price she paid for her distinctness makes this such a powerfully tragic tale.
Their distinctness is lost and their identities confused in a way that prefigures the final chapters: They are "three women in the middle of the Clearing, at the base of the rock where Baby Suggs, holy, had loved.
Moreover, each page of the book--in the case of a difficult work, each line of the page--has a distinctness, a hard reality of its own.
Optical property services include gloss, color, distinctness of image, transmittance, reflectance and haze measurement.