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Synonyms for distinctly

Synonyms for distinctly

clear to the mind


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A human voice had, distinctly, called aloud in the French language--
Conspicuous above all his contemporaries as the representative poet of Puritanism, and, by almost equally general consent, distinctly the greatest of English poets except Shakspere, stands John Milton.
And the voice, changed and transformed, distinctly grated out these metallic syllables: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY BAG?
Perceiving further, that in order to understand these relations I should sometimes have to consider them one by one and sometimes only to bear them in mind, or embrace them in the aggregate, I thought that, in order the better to consider them individually, I should view them as subsisting between straight lines, than which I could find no objects more simple, or capable of being more distinctly represented to my imagination and senses; and on the other hand, that in order to retain them in the memory or embrace an aggregate of many, I should express them by certain characters the briefest possible.
This genus Halys strikingly resembles Neohalys and Salixocoris in colour and general appearance like paraclypei tapering upward and apically acute, but it is a little closer to Neohalys because in both genera basal antennal segment distinctly shorter than apex of head (which is a tribal character and present in most of the Asian genera of tribe halyini), while in Salixocoris basal antennal segment is almost equal to head apex.
BRUSSELS, June 16 (KUNA) -- The President of the European Council Donald Tusk warned Thursday that Europe without the United Kingdom will be distinctly weaker.
Nine top food and drink business were voted Festival Favourites at the second Distinctly Delicious - Darlington Festival of Food.
Distinctly Delicious - Darlington Festival of Food, brought around 45,000 visitors to the town over the three-day event held over the May holiday weekend this year.
6 million as the cars used by Google were not distinctly recognizable.
Broad had said on Saturday night: "To be as polite as I possibly can be I think it was distinctly average decision-making keeping us on.
Commons Speaker John Bercow said the venue, where South Africa's first black president addressed MPs and peers in 1996, was a "distinctly special setting to commemorate and celebrate a distinctly special man".
Frons similarly evenly convex, distinctly rugose punctuate; ivory to whitish ochraceous with narrow basal band plus large apical blotch reddish.
The spokesman revealed: "It'll turn distinctly colder half way through next week with cold north-easterly winds.
breviuscula are distinctly more spotted than the holotype of E.
The US food giant recently held a customer poll to come up with a name for its new variety of cheese Vegemite--before settling, bizarrely, on the distinctly Apple-sounding iSnack 2.