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A distinctive feature of Indian society is its heterogeneity.
GOOD LOOKS The BMW Z4's most distinctive feature is the bespoke M aerodynamic body-styling package.
Related to this definition, other two important concepts can be described (Doicin, 2002): Complex Distinctive Feature (CDF), as the distinctive feature composed by several neighbouring distinctive features (a group of adjacent DF's), connected by precedence relations and having a certain role in the activities of defining the process plans variants, and Dominant Distinctive Feature (DDF), as those distinctive feature within a Complex Distinctive Feature having the biggest dimensions, and which gives the complex feature the main characteristics from constructive point of view.
The edges of the original sand traps also have been restored to the rounded look Jones intended when he designed this near-half-century-old course, and those softened bunker borders might rival the waterfall ponds as the most distinctive feature at buffed-up El Cab.
This rosin's distinctive feature is that it is tall oil based and contains acid functionality (-COOH), making it compatible in a wide range of elastomers, according to the company.
One distinctive feature will be a wide fixed glass roof that creates more natural interior light for occupants.
The most distinctive feature, however, is surely Liam Noble's fifteen original compositions in the styles of these pianists.
The sheds are used by fishermen and are a distinctive feature of the island.
Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Time Soldiers series in general and Arthur in particular is its absolutely stunning visuals--illustrated with full-color photographs, some mundane, some caputring magical beings all with a passion that leaps off the very page and impresses the simple story into one's heart.
Its distinctive feature is long, silky hair, commonly white, on the lower part of its legs lThe medieval 'Great Horse' came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror lIts strength and bulk meant the animal was ridden by knights in armour weighing up to 400lbs lDuring the 1800s the horse's great muscular strength made it the main power force in agriculture and commerce lIn 1878 a selection of the best examples of the old English cart horse were selected and the Shire Horse Society was formed lThe UK's Shire Horse population prospered until the late 1930s when tractors began to take their place on farms lIn its heyday, the heavy horse population topped one million.
It's a particularly distinctive feature of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli near Rome, where water courses through the top of a staircase railing.
The distinctive feature of these neoplasms is their remarkable histologic resemblance to infiltrating ductal carcinomas of the mammary gland; both types of tumor feature epithelial and myoepithelial cells arrayed in solid, papillary, and cribriform patterns.
The choice of a primitivist language, or in any case of an idiom that recalls the archaic, has long been a distinctive feature of Merz's art.
Another distinctive feature of the Integration Stage in career guidance is the use of technology; thus, the use of the computer in career guidance has become a regular feature in schools since the 1990s.
The distinctive feature of the market is its overall stability, with a bias towards tightness due to breeding flock contraction, little likely movement on the import side, and some demand growth in the further processing sector (The Grocer, November 11, page 24).