distilled water

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water that has been purified by distillation

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There are 48 teaspoons in a cup, so, at most, use 1 teaspoon of detergent per cup of distilled water.
Consequently, spring water tastes "fresher" or "crisper" than distilled water.
For the preparation of 1L PDA medium, 39 g of PDA was dissolved in distilled water and final volume was raised up to 1L.
Each day the company produces 10 tonnes of distilled water and the cost of transporting for commercial use is a deterrent for many.
Preparation of purslane plant extract: Samples were washed with distilled water and evaporated residual moisture at room temperature, plant were cut into pieces then dried in oven at 45oC for 72 h and ground to fine powder.
After finishing, the specimens were stored in distilled water for 1 day and tested for baseline color readings (DE using Spectrophotometer (Data colour 650 plus 9661).
The 100 samples were randomly distributed into two groups of 50 each to test the efficacy of alcohol on one group and that of distilled water on the other group.
The same amounts of acid were also added into distilled water without any protein.
This demonstrates that hydration with distilled water, followed by drying, had no effect on the form of the GCL sample as it remained unchanged under microscopic observation.
Group 2 was immersed in distilled water for 20 minutes, Group 3 in1% sodium hypochlorite for 20 minutes, and Group 4 in 2% alkaline gluteraldehyde for 10 minutes.
You'll get six 1-gallon bottles of distilled water when you order NSN 6810-00-682-6867.
Hence these parameters have been studied by comparing the use of distilled water and commercially available 2% para-dichlorobenzene ear drops in a similar way.
Since minute quantities cannot be measured directly, 1S08655-6 recommends distilled water for gravimetric capacity meter calibration.
The aim of the present study was to assess and compare the bacterial contamination in input water (bore well water and distilled water before they were run through the DUWLs), output water (after it was run through the DUWLs) and biofilm samples of dental unit waterlines using bore well water and those using distilled water.
It is sold as spring water and distilled water and drinking water.